Mystic Mantra-If You Want Success: Stop Underestimating Yourself

By Shreepraka Shsharma

Speaking of success spontaneously evokes in mind the ecstatic situation of an individual, having been blessed with huge wealth, high-echelon position, privilege, power, perks, halo of immense fame and fortune and much more the common masses so impatient­ly and earnestly long for. There is no gainsaying the fact that every person in this mundane world so intensely desires to be successful and renowned – a pretty human and natural trait. But unfortu­nately success is not so easy. It is like a mirage in human life. It is the most elusive phenomenon and that is why it has proved to be an arcane issue since the dawn of civilization on the earth.

If success is so enviable and much-sought-after ambition of a man, then an important question aris­es here: what is the secret of success in human life? It is followed by yet another pertinent question: what are the various ways following which a person can realize the choicest dream of his life?

In fact, success depends more on courage and self-confidence – the qualities that are already inher­ent in a man. Courage here does not mean physical strength. It connotes our mental strength and insight to look beyond our resources and potential. Now the social scientists, along with psychoanalysts, also have started believing that low aim in life means low achievement, low goal means low success. No goal means complete absence of success.

We need to ask a question at this stage – what makes us set a low goal for our life? The answer is pretty simple -we set low goals of our life when we assess ourselves very low, when we have very low opinion of ourselves and, most importantly, when we underestimate ourselves. This is the biggest ob­stacle which hamstrings us and we end up demean­ing ourselves, demoralizing ourselves, demotivating ourselves and ultimately giving in to the status quo.

Success depends most upon how people think and assess about themselves. Doubting and under­estimating one’s potential and, at most, surren­dering oneself to the early defeats and failures are reckoned as the Achilles’ heel of variety of successes and achievements in life. They mar the prospects and spoil the golden chances of becoming success­ful. They also compel us not to try for what we re­ally wish to happen in our life. Overcome these self-doubts and self-defeating attitudes and a new dawn of successes would just be waiting to embrace you.

The famous US author and thinker Norman Vincent Peale had once said, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.” Big dreams mean big destination and designation. High aim means high name and fame. But it is very much unfortunate that we all suffer from the fear of dream­ing bigger and bigger. So thinking small is really a great hindrance on the path of achieving something bigger in life. Thinking big sets up the big momen­tum for embarking upon the journey of reaching out to the pinnacle of successes.

Besides, if we watch the people around us closely and read their behaviour seriously, it does not take much time to come to the conclusion that as human beings we all tend to fall vulnerable to the mental block of having low self-esteem, low self-confidence and bizarrely low self-evaluation of ours. This is the very reason that we do not succeed achieving what we chase for, what we dream for and what we lust for.

Hence, for achieving big successes, it is of the utmost importance to always aim high in life. We need to visualise the life styles and success sagas of the great people who struggled hard to ultimately achieve what they dreamed in their lives. We need to read the life struggles of the successful people who had to brave a string of challenges and adverse circumstances to scale the heights of achievements which once virtually seemed impossible for them.

Have you ever thought how did the scientists suc­ceed reaching out to the moon? How did the people suc­ceed to scale the insurmountable Mount Everest? How did the Chinese go through building up the Great Wall of China – one of the historical marvels of the world? How did Sunita Williams, Kalpana Chawla and others of their ilk succeed to enter into the space? What was common to all these exceptionally courageous and mar­vellously innovative personalities of the world?

The answer is simple and it was their exemplary power of visualisation. The answer is the courage of dreaming bigger and bigger. The answer is indomi­table faith in aiming higher and higher. The answer is their mental rigidity of never having fallen to dis­couragement and frustration. The answer is their in­defatigable will-power of never giving in to the early failures. So one thing is clear – power of visualiza­tion, earnest desire to achieve the bigger mundane laurels and never-say-die attitude of life bring us to the apex of successes never achieved earlier.

So, what is visualization? In fact, visualization is the process of seeing your dreams take shape through your subtle mental eyes. It is all about imagining what you really die for. It is all about the process of sowing in mind the seeds of what you hanker after in your life. And most importantly, it is all about sheer imagination of living the sort of lives we yearn for. It is also the power of copying the life styles and get­ting oneself ready for learning the philosophies and ideologies of the successful people we envy to become. Hence if you want to shine like a star in your life and want to achieve the glories the successful people across the globe have been blessed with, then what is essential is to see the dream and live the dream that is surprisingly bigger than what the rest of the people so longingly nourish in their hearts.

The great Chinese philosopher and politician Confucius had once said, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” What it implies is the fact that failures constitute the integral part of success and so it is really fatal to stop trying for the success once we fail. In fact, success is the outcome of a series of lessons learnt from an ar­ray of failures in the life.

The great scientist Thomas Alva Edison once had said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not re­alize how close they were to success when they gave up.” No doubt, failures give us heart-breaking and dis­appointing feelings but this is the most essential stage without undergoing which there is very slight chance to succeed. So success calls for courage and hard de­termination to keep on moving even if we go on fail­ing in our efforts of succeeding and succeeding. The path to success is not easy. Nor is it paved with roses and comforts. Those who are ambitious to achieve the much-dreamed successes of their life, must learn first the art of braving the various hardships and chal­lenges befalling them in due course…because only af­ter having overcome them there awaits the beautiful bouquet of flowers of successes and laurels.

Author is Principal, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Mamit, Mizoram. He can be reached at: [email protected]

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