Kashmir Observer- a pioneering English language daily from and of Jammu and Kashmir- is an institution that has been established and developed painfully but assiduously over more than two decades. Our basic mission -that of providing accurate and objective news coverage, reportage and analysis- on a range of cross cutting issues-political, social, economic and cultural-is wedded to the ethos of informing and educating the public, a self-conscious remit that is rife with challenges of a special and even unusual nature in the context of Kashmir. But our commitment and dedication to professional, ethical and able journalism has allowed us to overcome odds and create a niche for the institution. Against the backdrop of structural and conceptual changes in the media ecology and economy across the world, our aspiration is to we Kashmir Observer to novel trends and developments and render the institution into cutting edge one , in sync with the demands and needs of the 21st century.

Sajjad Haider
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief