End Plight of Kashmir, Say Writers at Lahore Literary Fest

End Plight of Kashmir, Say Writers at Lahore Literary Fest

At the festival, Kashmir was a hot topic at various sessions, attended by literati from across the globe. The U.K.-based academic, author and poet Nitasha Kaul, urged the international community to play a more vigorous role in highlighting the Kashmir issue.

Reflections On Kashmir

Reflections On Kashmir

As Kashmir descends into the chaotic days of the late 1980s, Raza’s word of caution against ending the erstwhile State’s special status, on the basis of his first-hand experience of the futility of Jagmohan’s strong-arm tactics

Great Jataka Tales By Noor Inayat Khan

Great Jataka Tales By Noor Inayat Khan

Great Jataka Tales Summary: In a small forest, a hare convinces his friends—a monkey, a jackal and a water-weasel—to share their food with the hungry. But when the hare finds nothing to eat, and a fairy disguised as an old man comes asking for food, what does the hare do? The king of monkeys asks […]

Jinnah Expected India And Pakistan To Be Best Of Friends

I was in my second year of law college in Lahore when Mohammad Ali Jinnah came to address the students. Habib, my Kashmiri classmate, was an active member of the Muslim League and had arranged the function. Initially, he did not invite us, the non-Muslim students. But when he realized at the eleventh hour that the […]

10 Management Lessons from Azim Premji

On June 7 Wipro Ltd’s Chairman, Azim Premji announced that effective 31 July, 2019 he will step down from his current role at the company he led for more than half a century and devote more time to his philanthropic activities. As Chairman, Azim Premji guided Wipro through nearly five decades of diversification and growth […]

BOOK EXCERPT: Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove 

Challenges of Governance traces the long and remarkable journey of B.K. Chaturvedi, from the hinterlands of Uttar Pradesh where he grew up, to the heady days when he became Cabinet Secretary and, thereafter, Member of the erstwhile Planning Commission. This memoir gives a ringside view of the political situation of the times—the contentious issues, watershed moments, inside […]

Books: Latest Arrivals

NON-FICTION   When India Votes :The Dynamics of Successful Election Campaigning by Jaishri Jethwaney and Samir Kapur (INR 295, 216pp) [[{“type”:”media”,”fid”:”38989″,”view_mode”:”wysiwyg”,”instance_fields”:”override”}]]  ABOUT THE BOOK Elections have always been festive occasions in liberal democracies, and India is no exception. Media becomes one of the most important players in elections because of its power of reach and agenda-setting. From […]

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