MEC Embraces Kashmiri Students With Open Arms

Dr. Hanif Qureshi (IPS) was the Commissioner of Police, Faridabad, Haryana before taking over as Chief Executive Officer of Haryana Wakf Board. Dr Qureshi did his M.Tech,  MBA and later Ph.D. (Criminal Justice) from the University of Cincinnati, USA. Haryana Wakf Board under the leadership of Dr Qureshi established the Mewat Engineering College (MEC) at Nuh, […]

‘We Were Cheated By Delhi’

SRINAGAR — Kashmir has witnessed just around 20 percent people exercising their franchise in general elections. This is being seen as yet another proof of the growing marginalisation of the mainstream political parties in the state. But the party which  appears most discredited is the PDP. It’s disastrous alliance with the BJP has driven it to […]

Why Warnings About High-Intensity Quake In Kashmir Are Not Taken Seriously?

There is a consensus among scientists that a high-intensity earthquake is unavoidable in Kashmir. Scientists are not sure when it can strike, but it can definitely strike anytime in future. As part of preparations, scientists say that a building audit needs to be carried out to examine whether buildings and other structures in Kashmir can […]

Why Is This Non Kashmiri Contesting Election From South Kashmir

Shamas Khwaja, a supreme court lawyer, is the first non-state subject candidate to fight an election in J&K. He is a candidate from volatile South Kashmir parliamentary constituency of Anantnag.  A resident of New Delhi, Khwaja’s grand father Khwaja Abdul Wajid was the associate editor of Al-Balagh, an Urdu weekly published by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.  In an […]

‘It Isn’t Easy Anymore To Differentiate Truth From Untruth’

KO. You have said your novel ‘Mehr’ is your attempt to understand the depth of obsession in its many forms like love, patriotism and religion. But interestingly you have chosen to explore these obsessions through the medium of a love story than that of a political drama where they are supposed to play out, more […]

Arundhati Roy:Only Fiction Transcends What Is Increasingly Being Divided Into Subjects

She writes poetic prose, employs redolent metaphors and evokes utmost admiration for her novelistic virtues. Arundhati Roy is anything but a boring author. The 1997 Booker Prize-winner, who is equally at ease writing scathing essays, says she is a “disciplined writer” whose heart lies in fiction as it is a “connective tissue” between many things […]

‘It’s Not About Role Models Anymore’

Why he chose to to quit bureaucracy and join mainstream instead of Hurriyat, celebrated civil servant Shah Faesal answered many questions in a candid interview with Rajdeep Sardesai of India Today. Here is the transcript of the interview. You resigned from the IAS, in January 2019, protesting against the continuous killing in the valley. Why have you resigned […]

‘The Anxiety of Muslims Is Fair And Understandable’

Ayodhya: City of Faith, City of Discord, published by Aleph Book Company is the first comprehensive biography of a sleepy city in northern India, which has been a place of reverence for many faiths for millennia, but has also been a place of violence, bloodshed and ill-will. Ayodhya lodged itself permanently in the national consciousness with […]

Youth ‘Disenchantment’, Corruption Big Challenges: Guv

SRINAGAR — Governor Satya Pal Malik on Monday said that corruption prevails everywhere in Jammu and Kashmir and counted it as among big challenges facing the administration along with development and addressing ‘disenchantment’ among the youth in Valley.   Here are Excerpts of his interview with local news agency. Since you joined do you think anything has […]

Lahore Today Is A Monolithic City: Haroon Khalid

Pakistani city, which has a multi-cultural history, has become a monolithic city and there is no public discourse about its diverse past. However, the traces of this history are scattered over the city. Haroon Khalid tells Riyaz Wani.  KO.    Lahore is a trip down the city’s multi-cultural pre-partition past?  What inspired you to embark on this […]

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