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    Pakistan’s detention of Hafiz Saeed

    In the latest dramatic twist to ongoing measures against Jamat-u-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed,  Pakistan has cancelled the licenses of 44 weapons issued to  Saeed and other members of his organisations, citing security reasons.
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    State owes compensation to Shah, Fazili

    On February 16, two youth from Kashmir, Mohammad Rafiq Shah and Mohammad Hussain Fazli, were acquitted by a Delhi court. In its judgement, the court said the evidence against them was "fabricated and flimsy"
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    Changing colour of Mehbooba’s politics

    She rose to power by appealing to Kashmiri nationalism. But she has let go off this ideological so effortlessly and even cheaply. The shift is borne out of the rank political considerations and has to do a lot with the advent of either BJP or Congres
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    Frisal encounter is a lesson on today’s Kashmir  

    General Rawat as Army Chief will better discharge his onerous duty if he counsels the government as to the urgency of a political redress in Kashmir.  
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    A dead-end scenario

    Two months after the end of the post-Burhan upsurge, the situation in Kashmir is at a dead-end. The summer’s heavy security crackdown has brought about some moderation in the intensity of the protests but the situation continues to simmer.
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    Kashmir is simmering again

    On February, J&K Government sacked its lawyer Sunil Fernandes in purported response to  the Supreme Court’s December 16 order  which ruled that the state had “no vestige of sovereignty outside  the Constitution of India”
  • Tragedy at Kulgam

    Tragedy at Kulgam

    The killings of the civilians has angered the Valley. Similarly, the effortless recourse to the use of bullets and the pellets has once again come as a shock. More so, when no such weapons were used during the violent Jallikatu protests in Chennai. 
  • Ahir’s welcome statements on KPs, WPRs

    Ahir’s welcome statements on KPs, WPRs

    In recent past, the controversy over the grant of 'identity certificates' to West Pakistan Refugees followed by a new case being filed in High Court  re-ignited a sense of de javu and  put the situation on a fresh simmer.
  • Look beyond hartal on human rights excesses

    Look beyond hartal on human rights excesses

    The point is while we blame the government for denying justice to the victims of human rights excesses in the state, we as a community are no less in dock. It is cynical on our part to flaunt the victims of gross human rights excesses
  • Beyond Kashmir Solidarity

    Beyond Kashmir solidarity

    On Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5, Pakistan Army’s media wing Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) released a song on social media in support of Kashmiris’ right to self-determination.  Titled ‘Sangbaaz
  • Spurious Medicines In Hospitals

    Spurious Medicine in Hospitals

    J&K Drug and Food Control Organization has recalled two “sub-standard” drugs worth Rs 33 lakh supplied to hospitals by JK Medical Supplies Corporation Limited. The medicines were tested as fake by the J&K Drug and Food Control Organization
  • America’s lurch to the far right

    America’s lurch to the far right

    Kashmir has thus been unlikely victim of the US immigration ban, despite India not being on the list. And it is clear the two were denied visa because they are Muslims and hail from Kashmir. If anything, it tells us that the US immigration ban
  • Time for PDP to draw a line

    Time for PDP to draw a line  

    Going by the egregious ideological rifts surmounted  by the PDP-BJP coalition in its two year rule,  Tuesday’s  tussle over the Article 370 seemed  minor in comparison. But it came close to divesting the alliance of all its rationale.
  • Winters Tale

    Winter’s Tale in Kashmir

    This winter after a long time, Kashmir has experienced successive heavy snowfall which has thrown life out of gear: electricity has been erratic, traffic movement has been affected, more so along Jammu-Srinagar highway.
  • On pellet gun, civil society should step up

    On pellet gun, civil society should step up

    It is now official, J&K has no plan to ban  the pellet guns. That is, if there was any hope that the government would take such a step on its own after the union government appointed review committee justified its use earlier this year.