• Among the pellet-blinded in Kashmir

    Among the pellet-blinded in Kashmir

    These are an estimated 1100 of the people hit by the pellet gun fire in Valley, a significant number of them youth, whose vision has been impaired, for many of them irreparably. Government figures say only six people have completely lost their sight
  • Meryl Streep should shame Bollywood

    Meryl Streep should shame Bollywood

    It was indeed a bold speech by the Hollywood actor Meryl Streep at Golden Globe awards where she was conferred with the lifetime achievement award. In a politically charged speech Streep took on the US president-elect Donald Trump,
  • CM’s rehabilitation plan: Shouldn’t Hurriyat have done it?

    CM’s rehabilitation plan: Shouldn’t Hurriyat have done it?  

    When she rose to speak in Assembly,  J&K Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti was expected to reply to the opposition forced discussion on the last year’s unrest which claimed around 100 lives and left several hundred blinded.
  • Snowed In

    Snowed In !

    After a record  extended  dry spell, Valley was swept up by a heavy snowstorm. True to the forecast by weather department, snow silently fell through Thursday and Friday, exhilerating people with a flawless whiteness. Snow was iconic in its fury
  • Drama in the House

    Drama in the House

    The Assembly session  has unfolded  along predictable lines, almost appearing a replication of 2010 Assembly session. The opposition comprising National Conference, Congress, CPI (M) and other Kashmir-based Independent legislators held protests
  • Masarat Alam: Govt’s Hurriyat bogeyman

    Masarat Alam: Govt’s Hurriyat bogeyman

    Last week,  the J&K High Court quashed the 34th Public Safety Act of  the  major separatist leader and the perceived architect of the 2010 unrest Masarat Alam Bhat and ordered his immediate release. Later, he was briefly released from jail.
  • A cop’s funeral

    A cop’s funeral

    When Abdul Kareem's body reached his village at Langate in North Kashmir,  the residents visited his house in a spontaneous outpouring of grief. Later, the people from the adjacent villages also joined the mourning and followed the coffin.
  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year

    But this is an uncertainty that is the only thing that is certain about Kashmir. Come summer and Kashmir could well plunge back into the familiar turmoil.
  • Winter’s Tale !

    Kashmir: A Winter’s Tale!

    It is for sometime now that Kashmir has been in the grip of a severe cold wave. And as has always been the case, the freezing cold is reinforced by the severe power shortage which happens to be nobody’s concern, either in the government.
  • Where's the introspection?

    Where's the introspection?

    The unrest is now formally over. The markets in Kashmir swarm with people and the roads clog with traffic.  And the busiest of all the markets is Lal Chowk, Srinagar's Commercial hub,  which witnesses the most rush. 
  • Tricky WPR issue

    Tricky WPR issue

    Unest over,J&K has witnessed fresh tension over the West Pakistan Refugees.It's true that their rehabilitation has always been a very tricky subject in the state.Pro-freedom,civil society groups and also Valley-centred mainstream parties like NC
  • The roads of Kashmir

    The roads of Kashmir

    The improvement of the roads in parts of the Valley was one of the most conspicuous piece of good work done by the previous PDP-BJP regime led by late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed. But the situation has now gone back to square one.
  • KEG and Kashmir media

    KEG and Kashmir media

    The media in Kashmir has an overriding need to introspect and formulate an ethical framework within which to carry on its work. And the Guild has to  helm this change.
  • Experiments with Kashmir

    Experiments with Kashmir

    True Kashmir problem has a layered reality within the state with an inherent conflict among the regions and within the regions themselves, but this is not what triggers uprisings and the violence in the state.
  •  SC Judgement Needs State Govt to respond

    SC Judgement Needs State Govt to respond

    In its judgement on Friday, Supreme Court snubbed the J&K  High Court for asserting the state’s “sovereignty” and “sovereign powers”, and made it  clear that J&K “had no vestige of sovereignty outside the Constitution of India”