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    Changing colour of Mehbooba’s politics

    She rose to power by appealing to Kashmiri nationalism. But she has let go off this ideological so effortlessly and even cheaply. The shift is borne out of the rank political considerations and has to do a lot with the advent of either BJP or Congres
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    Posture for peace in J&K

    The Army and security forces cannot fill the political and administrative vacuum. The tactical commanders on the ground are under pressure since their casualties are mounting due to the ‘doctrine of restraint’,
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    Delhi blast acquittals

    The acquittal of two of the three accused of the serial bombing in Delhi on the eve of Diwali in 2005 is on the long list of similar judgments in high-profile terror cases. By then the reputation of the accused has been besmirched
  • How to inspire better recycling

    How to inspire better recycling

    Education alone, however, is not enough to spur people into action over recycling. One measure that could be considered is curbing the number of free shopping bags in grocery stores. Plastic bags make up a remarkably large portion of rubbish in lan
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    Mass Media and Terrorism

    Modern media technology and communications satellites have had a marked effect in increasing the publicity potential of terrorism, giving them – the oxygen of publicity. It is the aim of terrorists to appear in the most popular programmes in order to
  • Rethinking Dangal

    Rethinking Dhangal !

    I observe that Dhangal is women centered. Dhangal represents a particular society which has strict norms and customs where girl children were not treated with dignity and equality.
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    Frisal encounter is a lesson on today’s Kashmir  

    General Rawat as Army Chief will better discharge his onerous duty if he counsels the government as to the urgency of a political redress in Kashmir.  
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    Kashmir is not a currency problem

    The army chief, General Rawat, has also revealed something many Indians may not have known, and that was the hostility to the army from the population in Kashmir. He said, "As we are conducting operations against them
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    Army Chief on Kashmir

    The high casualty figures in Kashmir must have been extremely galling for the new Army Chief, Gen Bipin Rawat. For the first time in three decades, the government had breached the unwritten norm of seniority to appoint him as the Army Chief
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    Kashmir problem will not go away unless solved

    Kashmir problem will be solved only when some genuinely secular political party emerges in India which will endeavors to retrieve of PaK (even militarily if necessary) as generally mentioned 
  • The attack on Sehwan Sharif is an attack on Sufi teachings of love and compassion

    Damadam mast Qalandar is a cry of rebellion against established orders

    When Shias and Sunnis pray in the same vicinity and a red alamflutters on the top of the shrine that belongs to a man named Usman, one cannot tell that we are in a country plagued by sectarian tensions. When Suhrawardis, Ismailis, and Shivaites
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    When Nehru hid the truth about China building a road across Indian-territory

    The CIA note shows that in late 1952, the 2 Cavalry Regiment, commanded by one Han Tse-min, had its headquarters at Gartok (the main trade centre in Western Tibet). The regiment had 800 camels and 150 men garrisoned at Rutok, in the vicinity of the
  • Maqbool

    When ‘Azadi’ Died

    Maqbool Bhat was a straight forward man who believed in calling spade a spade and for him ‘azadi’ had no allegorical interpretations - it simply meant an ‘independent’ Kashmir!
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    General Bipin Rawat has proved Kashmiris are subjects not citizens of India

    Militancy, to use the correct term, is not new to India. It was there when armed defiance against colonial masters was the norm; it has been there in the northeastern states for more than half a century;
  • A women in Kashmir is stopped by Indian Paramilitary forces . Abid Bhat/ Ko

    Invisible combatants !

    The women do not get justice even when they try; their rape and death are not considered significant. As an angry Kunan-Poshpora mass-rape survivor asks, “When someone [a man] was killed by the soldiers, we all called them martyrs ...