The Great Game in the Middle East

Disagreement over a crude oil pipeline turned the Syrian conflict into a proxy war between America’s Arab allies and Russia, forcing millions to flee towards Europe. MOST watch in disbelief as hordes of Middle Eastern migrants enter Europe with little to no resistance from border control. Whereas refugees are normally women and children, these migrants […]

A love story in the saffron fields

Kashmir is a fascinating place as we  talk about seasons  and the beautifying chemistry it is composed of. Each season is unique in its own ways and in its own manifestation. One might fail to tell that by which season one is smitten the most. Seasons in here confuse you as they are pure, crystal […]

Importance of Proper Grievance Redressal Mechanism

Hunan life is about relations, the relations are among individuals, those among groups and the relations of individuals with groups – groups which are small, big and the biggest of all within the confines of a country or a state, that is, the government. These relations are about expectations and the failure to fulfill expectations […]

Why Are Muslims So Angry?

Why are Muslims so Angry? The Real explanation for the rise of Radical Islam has more to do with history and politics as it does with religion. The world was shocked by the brutal Paris attacks on November 13th. The group calling themselves ISIS took responsibility for them. Coming just months after the Charlie Hebdo […]

Forget ISIS, Humanity is at Stake

When the Americans and their allies claimed that they had left the Middle East, they left behind bleeding, impoverished nations, licking their wounds and searching for bodies under rubble in diverse and macabre landscapes. Yet, the Americans, the British, the French and the Israelis, continue to stage their democratic elections around the debate of who […]

What keeps India ticking despite the intolerance

The very word tolerance speaks of an environment where myriad and contrasting ideas, viewpoints, social ethos, ideological narratives, cultural dynamics and religious distinctions exist. From the fundamental grouping of family to community to society to nation, the entire edifice of human interaction stands not merely on the similarities between individuals but on the distinct differences […]

The Last Mughal

A recent invitation to Yangon (Rangoon) for Fellows of Stanford University’s Center for Democracy, Development and Rule of Law (CDDRL) on a seminar allowed the added opportunity celebrate August 14 at the Mazar of Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal emperor of India. It was a sobering experience – here was buried the emperor of […]

SPACE MINING : Who Owns Space?

The US has been beaming up free-market principles to outer space for decades. But their new Space Act is a step too far. AN event of cosmic proportions occurred on November 18 when the US Congress passed the Space Act of 2015 into law. The legislation will give US space firms the rights to own […]

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

 Aamir Khan’s statement is neither hyperbolic nor motivated ACTOR Aamir Khan chipped in on the debate over intolerance and expressed alarm and despondency over the rise in such cases in the last six to eight months. Khan added poignancy and alacrity to his assertions and further stated, “(Wife) Kiran and I have lived all our […]

The Truth About Tipu That We Can’t See

It Is Depressing That Tipu’s Military And Nationalistic Achievements Are Overlooked So Easily Today. All That Is Remembered Is The Idea That He Killed Or Converted Hindus, Whether This Is True Or False Pakistan’s High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit was in Bangalore a couple of weeks ago, for an event of which I was […]