Women Empowerment and the Hidden Bias

Since times immemorial, women have been victims of oppression and suppression. They have been victims of all forms of violence – structural or programmed. It is not that there has been no resistance on their part. History bears testimony to a number of movements and campaigns intended for liberation, freedom and equality of women. The […]

Who needs to be in an ICU?

You might think the only people who wind up in a hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) are at the brink of death and in dire need of specialized care. ICUs are designed to look after patients who need ventilators, medications to support blood pressure, high-tech treatments and close monitoring from doctors and nurses trained in […]

Anti-nationals and terrorists

Things spun out of control pretty quickly and badly. On the night of March 14, word went around in Mewar University in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, that a few Kashmiris were cooking beef in their hostel room. Soon a crowd of students gathered around to protest. A picture started circulating on WhatsApp with the caption “Kashmiri students […]

Cricket - A Bridge of Peace!

The Oxford dictionary defines war as an “aggression or hostile contentiousness through arms carried between two or more states, nations or rulers”. But when the same word is used in cricket, it means an intense battle fought with bats and balls on a 22 yard pitch. Whenever there is a cricket match, the ardent fans […]

How Smart Are Our Smart Phones

The FBI had its way eventually and finally – after nearly a month – unlocked the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino attackers, Rizwan Farook. An attack that claimed 14 lives. A win for the investigative agency, but at what cost? Fueling the paranoia of smartphone owners worldwide that their precious phones – and […]

Here's How 8 Leading Tech Companies Got Their Utterly Weird Names

 Weird names abound in the tech world and though we utter many of them on a daily basis (some have become verbs, no less), the fact remains that a good chunk of them make very little sense. We decided to do some digging to find out how some of the most famous tech entities in […]

NASA Satellites Unlock Secret to Northern India's Vanishing Water

Beneath northern India’s irrigated fields of wheat, rice, and barley … beneath its densely populated cities of Jaiphur and New Delhi, the groundwater has been disappearing. Halfway around the world, hydrologists, including Matt Rodell of NASA, have been hunting for it. Where is northern India’s underground water supply going? According to Rodell and colleagues, it […]

Equal in an Unequal world-The Paradox of Islam

As I ambled towards the immigration counter I was directed towards, I overheard a black police officer talking about ‘self discovery’ to his white female colleague. I looked at both the black police officer and his white colleague. And then something strange happened. I, reflexively, began articulating and musing on Islam and paradoxes. I looked […]

Jhelum is Strangled

  Eulogised for its beauty and a vital source of hydropower and irrigation, the Jhelum plays a major role in the socio-economic fabric of theHimalayan Kashmir valley in northern India. The Jammu and Kashmir Tourism website portrays the embankment areas of the Jhelum as perfect sites for camping and trekking and promises idyllic cruises down […]

Why The MBA Is More Relevant Than Ever

A few weeks back I was conducting a routine admissions interview for a prospective applicant to my alma-mater business school. All seemed on track until near the end, when the candidate lobbed an interesting question back at me. “What do you think is the future of the MBA in the next 5-10 years and how […]