Intangible Heritage for Peace Building in the Horn of Africa

In Conversation with Dr Kusum Gopal, UN Technical Expert Q: Thank you very much for the fresh insights into our cultures, it gives us hope; we are from various countries of the Horn region. You lay great emphasis on the critical importance of intangible heritage, our region’s indigenous cultural traditions for removing poverty, for security […]

Journey Through Time: A Sense of Belonging & the Curse of Utilitarianism

Indisputably, what is happening today is an outcome of the administrative and legal measures imposed by colonial regimes such as the Black Letter Laws, uninformed partitioning of territories, of separating and misrepresenting communities and people with shared emotions, histories, cultures, demeanours and natural resources—

Betwixt and Between: Reflections on the Partition

Zamindar combines her fieldwork with impressive archival scholarship conducted mainly in Delhi and Karachi, trawling through unnoticed government records, accounts by contemporaries, of nationalists and contemporary newspapers such as the Jang using some of its perspicacious cartoons.

‘Resuscitate Ottoman Wisdom’

Socrates argued that the invisible world is the most intelligible and that the visible world is the least knowable, and the most obscure. That is to say what we see happening has many layers and we need to look beyond the five senses, beyond the material understandings

Hindustaniyat: Pining for its Spirit

Separatism was deliberately encouraged by dividing languages and people who had shared over thousand centuries of syncreticism. These were strengthened by accompanying political developments that sought to crush opposition to colonial rule

‘Purging Racism, The Enemy Within’- An Analysis

We spoke with Dr Kusum Gopal in whose diverse expertise includes redressing race and ethnic tensions in the Indian subcontinent, South-east Asia, Northern Europe, East and West Africa and the MENA region.

Towards A Peaceful Afghanistan: Learning From Her Heritage & Wisdom’

As a matter of fact the foundation for an Afghan state as a nation state was forced upon them by the British when Anglo-Russian empires divided territories to consolidate their international boundaries at the expense of the peoples inhabiting those regions

Of Moral Fault Lines and Subjugated Wisdoms

Each culture needs to build up an understanding on the basis of its own specific characteristics -positive life experiences in inter-cultural contexts within the regional as a start working towards mutual interdependence and  conviviality.