The Dance of Electoral Politics

As I ponder on the different perspectives and multiple realities in which Kashmiri women live, it is fair to ask, who can represent whom? I can see why there is fatigue over Kashmiris being constantly represented as victims of the political conflict.

The Only Antidote To Anti Muslim Racism

The nation stood together as a whole and sent a strong message that racism has no room in New Zealand. Compassion and kindness won hands down, making Jacinda Ardern an icon of peace in the world, particularly among Muslims.

A Muslim Response To ISIS

In this part of the essay, I wish to address two things. One, how has Muslim leadership refuted ISIS and exposed the inadequacy of its religious and ideological foundations. Second, what should the Muslim leadership of Kashmir do?

ISIS in Kashmir: Why the Fascination?

ISIS in Kashmir: Why the Fascination?

In this very brief write up my hope is to dispel some myths about the roots of ISIS and its relevance or irrelevance in the larger Muslim context and how Muslims around the world have responded to  rise of ISIS.

MeToo in Kashmir Too Really?

The new era of MeToo has finally awakened Kashmiris, at least some of us, to the ever present reality of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault in our society. It is merely a small sample of reality