Facebook Hacked: 50 Million Accounts Compromised

CALIFORNIA — Facebook has suffered an attack that exposed 50 million people’s personal accounts, the company has admitted.A vulnerability in the social network’s code meant that hackers could take over people’s log-ins and see their most private information, the company said. It said that it was sorry the potential breach had occurred. The issue related to […]

NASA Braves The Heat To Get Up Close And Personal With Sun

The unmanned probe’s main goal is to unveil the secrets of the corona, the unusual atmosphere around the Sun. The launch of the first-ever spacecraft to the Sun, the Parker Solar Probe, has been postponed to Sunday morning. NASA wrote on its Twitter page that the launch was postponed from 3:33 am ET to 4:38 […]

WhatsApp Limits Forwarding Msgs To Check Rumours, Fake News

NEW DELHI — Under pressure to stop rumours and fake news triggering a spate of horrific lynching incidents, WhatsApp today announced curbs on its service in India including limiting forwarding messages to five chats at once. In a statement, Whatsapp said it is launching a test to limit forwarding on the app. In addition, it […]

Scientists Step Closer To Developing Harry Potter-Like Invisibility Cloak

OTTAWA — Harry Potter fans rejoice! Scientists are a step closer to make a Harry Potter-style invisibility cloak. They have developed a device that makes solid objects completely vanish. The gadget, called a spectral cloak, even worked in bright daylight in tests. Lead researcher José Azaña from Canada said, “Our work represents a breakthrough in […]

Pakistani Road-Safety Video Spread In India As Whatsapp-Rumours Spark Mob Attacks  

NEW DELHI — Rumours spread through Whatspp messages and videos have sparked mob attacks in India, killing a woman and injuring many other people in different parts of India over past few days. According to  a news agency, several attacks were triggered by a viral message spread trough Whatsapp alleging that hundreds of people have entered […]

Tips On How To Make A Film On Your iPhone?

For the past four years I’ve been experimenting with smartphone film production. I recently shot and directed Missed Call, the first short film to be shot on an iPhone X. As the camera technology on each new generation evolves, many directors have begun to experiment with smartphone filmmaking. In 2015, Sean Baker’s Tangerine was shot on an iPhone […]

New device to track movement of students in schools

A new device using technology like WiFi, Bluetooth beacons and GPS that can track the movement of students to ensure their safety within their school campuses was presented before a select group of private school principals in the city. The device can be worn by students as standard identity cards and the data can be […]

Google kills ‘view image’ button from search results

San Francisco—In a move to curb the lifting of copyrighted images from its platform, Google has removed the “view image” button from its image search results. “Today we’re launching some changes on Google Images to help connect users and useful websites.  “This will include removing the View Image button. The Visit button remains, so users […]

Now, Kashmir’s Discarded Walnut Shells Can Be Used to Make Batteries!

Kashmir’s lofty mountains and majestic slopes, together with the temperate are ideally suited for walnut production, and it is no wonder that Kashmiri walnuts are famous worldwide for their superior taste. Naturally, a lot of organic waste, by way of walnut shells, is also generated. A team of scientists from the Indian Institute of Science, […]

Parenting The iPad Generation

  In a device-driven world, the screen holds infinite power to confuse and frustrate parents, who are increasingly hearing mixed messages about its impact. Screen time is evil! But also: Technology is vital to kids’ future achievement and a necessary part of their education.   What’s a parent to make of this contradiction?   Unchecked […]