Know What’s In Your Face Wash

These are particles of plastics that are purposefully manufactured to be of a microscopic size. They are usually used in facial cleansers and cosmetics, or in air blasting. Plastic microbeads are used in over 100 different personal care products in the market today. They range in size from 2 millimetres to as small as a […]

We don’t have to be ruthless in dealing with animals!

I have a vegetable garden.The monkeys take my brinjals, the parakeets take the chillies, the moles take the cauliflower, leaf curl gets my tomatoes, and squirrels come for some seeds. I get the mint, dhaniya and the different saags. But over the last one year I have been dealing with different ways in which to […]

God Tussi Great Ho !

This amazing world of ours – whoever created it has put in just about every variation that the cosmic mind can think of. What are the odd features of animal urination and defecation? Dogs go round and round before they urinate and defecate to align themselves with the earth’s magnetic field facing either north or […]

Animals Used As Bogeys

I have never seen a wild boar. I see Nilgais sometimes, magnificent tall blue-grey creatures, in small herds on the edges of small copses. Both these animals are used as bogeys. They are supposed to be destroying all the crops. They are the main reasons for our lack of food etc. Some politicians go up […]

The Prophet’s love for Animals

The Prophet’s love for Animals

Al-Bukhari reported a hadees regarding a woman who locked up a cat, refusing to feed it till it died. The Prophet Muhammad said that her punishment on the Day of Judgment would be torture and Hell.

Invaluable Traditional Knowledge

Every few years I write about the amazing innovations across India sourced by Prof Anil Gupta and his team in Sristhi. Poor people are not poor in grassroot knowledge, ethics and values. In fact, if we used them for frugal innovations which are knowledge intensive rather than material intensive, instead of ramming inefficient urban solutions […]

Dogs are Becoming Smarter than Kids

Thousands of animals were killed at a food festival in China. It outraged the world, even those people that eat every other animal. People flew in and bought dogs in order to save them. Why just dogs? Why not goats, cows, chickens, pigs – all of who have the same intelligence and ability to suffer. Is […]

Changing the killing for fun attitude

Many years ago, the Jain and Gujarati community in Mumbai controlled the stock market to a large extent. They entered into an informal pact among themselves that they would not invest in or encourage investment in companies that had anything to do with non-vegetarian products. Unfortunately this pact has broken down, and now Jains invest […]

Of Dogs, Faith and Imams

Of Dogs, Faith and Imams

I grew up in a very religious household where dogs weren’t exactly loved, but our faith wasn’t threatened every time a dog appeared on our doorstep.

Shias of Kashmir: Socio-Political Dilemmas

Shias of Kashmir: Socio-Political Dilemmas

Driven from one place to another. Minority within a minority. Devoid of heroes in their own midst they look beyond borders. The Shia awakening elsewhere is infusing new vigour, new enthusiasm in the Shia of Kashmir.   

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