Everybody farts !

An interesting scientific experiment took place last year. Two reasons.  One is because it is about the air expelled from the anuses of living beings, popularly known as farting. The other, because the scientists investigating asked the public to send them information through a twitter handle called #doesitfart. The information has been printed in a book […]

Our eating habits depleting fresh water reserves

If you were an alien that dropped in on the planet and you heard that most people on the planet had access to less than a bucket of water a day, because other people used ridiculous amounts of water to grow, feed, clean and kill animals so that they could eat them when they didn’t […]

Why are you buying fake fur? 

Last year I went to the house of the head of a group of Jains in Nagpur. Along the way I was told how religious his family was, how they all ate before sunset and no root vegetables. I entered the main living room. The huge rug I was stepping on was made of patches […]

Let’s Go Organic

Organic farming for me is as important as animal welfare. Both save thousands of species and make the world a better place for humans. When I became minister for Women and Children, we started a new project: we hold an annual Mela in Delhi Haat, the best location, for 15 days, in which 300 women organic farmers are […]

Stupid Military Ideas

Are all militaries as stupid as this or do they get far too much money using animals for war, which is reprehensible But the military constantly thinks up new ways in which to use animals for defence and aggression. Since the military is a sacred cow in all countries, much above education and social welfare […]

Have We Crossed The Halal Barrier?

Recently the Hyderabad based Muslim seminary Jamia Nizamia, started in 1876, issued a ban on Muslims eating prawn, shrimp, and crabs, calling them Makruh Tahrim (abominable) According to Islam, there are three categories of food : Halal (allowed) , Haram (prohibited) and Makruh (strictly to be avoided as abominable) Most Muslims eat meat, every kind. […]

Don’t Strike A Flea On A Tiger’s Head

Proverbs are short statements which express the wisdom and traditional norms based on common sense or the practical experience of humanity. I find them great fun, especially the ones that use animals as a way to express a larger truth. What is amazing is that countries as diverse as England and Vietnam have the same […]

Turning humans into baboons

A hundred years from now, if scientists have their way, many humans will be partly pig and baboon. I mean really, not metaphorically. Scientists are working on transplanting entire hearts, liver, kidneys, pancreas and lungs from animals to humans. The increasing demand for organs, tissues, and cells, and the dearth of available human organs, have […]

The plight of fish in aquariums

I hate seeing fish in small cramped tanks in offices and homes. Their large eyes stare at me, begging me to release them into their original homes. They cannot swim, play or mate. They are simply beggars, swimming in pitiful endless circles, waiting for their next boring meal of commercial fish food. Locked in these […]

And Now The Insect Smugglers

There is a type of “tourist” who comes to India to steal our treasures. Not the same one who takes away old statues from temples, coins and antiques. This one takes our insects. We have not bothered to acknowledge this theft or plug it. Twenty five seizures have been made since 1995. This is probably less […]

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