Pesticide Menace: Are Eggs Safe To Eat?

All over Europe eggs have been found to be contaminated by a dangerous pesticide called Fipronil. The eggs originated from poultry farms in Holland. Investigations into the illegal use of Fipronil on poultry farms have led to 180 big poultries being shut down. Millions of eggs and egg-based products like salads, sandwiches and mayonnaise have […]

Myths About Animals You Probably Think Are True 

Here are some common myths about animal behaviour: Myth: Mother birds will reject their babies if they have been touched by humans. Truth: Most birds have a poorly developed sense of smell and will not notice a human smell. But if you pick up the chicks in the nest, she will be close by watching […]

Language Of Birds

Language Of Birds

A friend of mine feeds the crows in Mumbai. He calls them by name and they come to feed. But while the birds listen to him, he, of course, can’t understand a single word they say. That is the siddhi I wish I had. In mythology and medieval literature the language of the birds is considered divine, a language used by the birds to communicate […]

How To Kill Stray Dog Menace

This is for all those people who write to me complaining about the dogs on the streets. They always start their emails by saying they are great animal lovers and they have dogs of their own BUT we must do something about the “dog menace” in order for them, their children, and their dogs, to […]

Soon You’ll Be Able To Eat Meat Without Killing Animals!

A long time ago I realized what McDonald’s and KFC had understood quite a while back; that, for an average person, the gratification of his tastebuds – if only for ten minutes- was more important than saving the world, being compassionate, stopping global warming or even looking after his own health. So I mentally gave up […]

A New Theory About What’s Causing Earthquakes 

Dr. Madan Mohan Bajaj is not an animal welfare activist. He doesn’t try to stop cruelty, nor does he protest or go to court. He is the Director General of International Scientific Research & Welfare Organisation, and Chief of the Medical Physics, Immunophysics, Nuclear Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering Research Laboratory of the Department of Physics and […]

Rumi’s Mysticism Extends to Vegetarianism

For me, food is at the core of every religion because it signifies the most important commandment of the universe: those shalt not harm. People who eat meat cause vast amounts of suffering, not just to the animals but to the planet itself. The five most amazing vegetarians in the world, in my opinion, were […]

Arsenic In Broiler Chicken Is Killing You Silently 

We have guests for dinner. Wife, please make them delicious chicken curry with arsenic in it. No? Then let’s take them out to have tandoori chicken with arsenic.” These are not lines from the latest Bollywood murder mystery script. This is reality. Arsenic is that deadly element which has killed many a character in plays, […]

Why Fashion World is Shunning Rabbit Fur

Online giant Overstock.com is the latest retailer to ban the sale of rabbit fur, called angora. Angora hair or Angora fibre is the downy coat that covers the Angora rabbit. More than 230 Major Retailers have publicly refused to sell rabbit fur any more. They include Anthropologie, ASOS, Calvin Klein, French Connection, Gap Inc., Ralph Lauren, Tommy […]

The Truth About Poultry Farming In India

One of the most important reports to come out in the last few years is the August 2017 CSIR -NEERI report on poultry farms in India. The National Environmental Engineering Research Institute(NEERI) is an excellent scientific research institution. When I was Minister for the Environment I used them as my resource base. The report has […]