• File photo of a US drone flying over Afghanistan

    US drone attack kills 22 Afghan soldiers

    A US drone attack has killed 22 Afghan soldiers held by Taliban militants in the southern Helmand province, while Taliban have overrun a strategic district elsewhere.  
  • US Secretary of State John Kerry (L) meets with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on finding ways to end the crisis in Syria, Geneva, August 26, 2016. (AFP)

    Russia says closing gaps with US over Syria

    Moscow and Washington will boost their cooperation on resolving the Syrian crisis as they have managed to reduce their mutual mistrust on the conflict in the Arab country, says the Russian foreign minister.
  • Model Salwa Elrashid models a 'burkini', designed by Lebanese-born Australian Aheda Zanetti at her fashion store in Sydney.

    French court suspends burkini ban after outrage, but resorts defiant

    France’s highest administrative court on Friday suspended a controversial ban on the burkini by a French Riviera town, although other resorts remained defiant, vowing to keep the restrictions in place.
  • Turkish army tanks and armored personnel carriers move toward the Syrian border. -AP

    Turkey 'planned Syria operation for over 2 years'

    Turkey had been planning a Syria ground operation for over two years before launching an offensive this week, but it was stalled by the military and various international disputes, an official said Thursday.
  • Chinese military to train Syrian troops

    Chinese military to train Syrian troops

    China says it will provide the Syrian military with "medical and nursing professional training," urging a political solution to the conflict in the Arab country.
  • 9 dead,64 injured in Turkey blast

    9 dead,64 injured in Turkey blast

    At least nine people have been killed after a car bomb attack targeted a security checkpoint in the southeastern province of Sirnak, sources say.The Thursday bomb attack, which caused severe damage to the headquarters of the special anti-riot police.
  • Syria slams Turkey's military 'aggression'

    Syria slams Turkey's military 'aggression'

    Syria has denounced Turkey’s recent military incursion into the Syrian territory, backed by the US-led coalition, saying the offensive violates the Arab country's sovereignty.
  • Italy earthquake death toll climbs to 247

    Italy earthquake death toll climbs to 247

    The death toll from a powerful earthquake that shook central Italy rose to 247 on Thursday, officials said, as rescuers desperately searched for survivors in the rubble of devastated mountain villages.
  • Hajj stoning to be shortened after deadly stampede

    Hajj stoning to be shortened after deadly stampede

    A stoning ritual which led to the deaths of about 2,300 people during last year’s Hajj will be more tightly controlled during next month’s pilgrimage, Saudi newspapers reported on Wednesday.
  • 'Cut weapons sales to Saudis over Yemen'

    'Cut weapons sales to Saudis over Yemen'

    A group that campaigns for stricter arms sales controls said on Monday that Western powers were breaking international law by selling vast amounts of weapons to Saudi Arabia that are being used to hit civilians in Yemen.
  • US 'ready to hit Syrian, Russian jets'

    US 'ready to hit Syrian, Russian jets'

    The Pentagon has warned Syria and Russia that the US is ready to shoot down their planes, which Washington claims threaten American advisers in northern Syria.
  • US stays away from Modi’s position on Balochistan

    US stays away from Modi’s position on Balochistan

    In a carefully calibrated statement on Balochistan, the United States on Monday stayed away from an Indian effort to generate an international controversy over the restive province and instead urged all parties
  • A Yemeni child who was wounded in a Saudi airstrikes near the capital, Sana’a, receives treatment at a hospital, August 21, 2016. (Photo by AFP)

    Saudi Arabia hits another school in Yemen

    Saudi pilots have launched yet another airstrike on a school in the Yemeni province of Ta’izz, with no information immediately available on possible casualties.
  • Soldiers from the US and Saudi Arabia are seen lowering their respective country’s flags at a military base in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, on Feb. 28, 2011.

    ‘US pulls out troops from Saudi Arabia’

    The US military has withdrawn from Saudi Arabia its troops who were helping the Kingdom with its aggression against Yemen, a new report shows.Washington has also dramatically reduced the number of its staff members that are helping the Riyadh regime

    Taliban make further gains in northern Kunduz province

    The Afghan Taliban captured a strategic district in the northern province of Kunduz on Saturday, forcing troops to retreat to the provincial capital which fell briefly to the insurgents last year, officials said.