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Tanzanian-Born Novelist Abdulrazak Gurnah Gets Nobel Prize In Literature

Tanzanian-born novelist Abdulrazak Gurnah, whose work touches on colonialism and refugee life, on Thursday won the Nobel Literature Prize, the…

9 months ago

Mahoor Zahid’s ‘Traumatic Zombies’ Notes Kashmir’s Disregarded Distress

With trauma rearing an ugly of suicides in Valley, a young Kashmiri woman’s treatise is detailing distress in a literal…

11 months ago

The Rise Of The Deep State

An eye-opening book, currently the best study on Putinism and the politics of the Russian industrial oligarchy, offers a warning…

1 year ago

Khalid Bashir’s Latest ‘Kashmir Discovery’ Setting Records Straight

Extolled for his pioneering work like ‘Kashmir: Exposing the Myth Behind the Narrative’, ‘Kashmir: A Walk Through History’ and ‘Jhelum:…

1 year ago

Camus Over A Cup of Tea

In Agha Shahid Ali’s hometown, Albert Camus has been brewing the literal storm in a teacup since long now.

1 year ago

Mirza Waheed Among 48 Writers Awarded SoA Grant

Kashmiri novelist Mirza Waheed is among 48 writers who have bagged a grant worth more than £ 185,000, (Aprox Rs 1,82,03,820) from…

2 years ago

‘India in Turmoil’: Former Top Cop’s Kashmir Take

Late cop-governor Ved Marwah’s 12-year-old book, “India in Turmoil”, makes more sense than generic garbled opinions on Kashmir; however, a…

2 years ago

‘Unknown’ Hall of Fame: A Collective of Creative Writers of Kashmir

Kashmir’s fiction guild is a parallel universe frequented by a bunch of wordsmiths lacking good publishers and wide readership. But…

2 years ago

Faiz on the doorsill of Anis, Dabeer

The marsiya stands as a monument of cultural and historical significance. One can certainly not become an Iqbal or Faiz…

5 years ago

Poetry of Grief

"If our youngsters cannot understand the words of these memorable poets because they don't know Urdu, why not bring the…

9 years ago