Masks Block 99.9% Of Large Covid-Linked Droplets: Study

Masks Block 99.9% Of Large Covid-Linked Droplets: Study

Face masks reduce the risk of spreading large Covid-linked droplets when speaking or coughing by up to 99.9 percent, according… Read More

December 24, 2020

Beauty Oils: The Solution for Dry Winter Skin

The winter breeze may feel good and enjoyable for many ways but it can rob moisture off your skin and… Read More

December 18, 2020

Bored of Straight Hair? Learn 6 Steps to Style With a Hair Crimper

Crimped hair has always been in fashion; from ponytails and pigtails to half-up dos, you've certainly seen the' 80s crimped… Read More

December 7, 2020

Emotional Stability Predicts Successful Career Outcomes: Study

A new study published in Psychological Science has found that the changes during young adulthood indicate personality growth which can… Read More

December 5, 2020

Zaira Wasim Requests Fans To Take Down Her Pictures From Fan Pages

Former actor Zaira Wasim has requested her fans to remove her pictures from their social media accounts and not share… Read More

November 23, 2020

Lavish Kashmiri Weddings And Environment

Our Environment too is getting polluted in a number of ways by anthropogenic activities. It has now become a victim… Read More

November 23, 2020

‘Zoom Dysmorphia' Leading People To Rush For Facial Treatments: Experts

Spending more time on virtual platforms could be affecting self-image of people and leading them to rush for facial treatments… Read More

November 16, 2020

Restaurants, Gyms, Hotels Carry Highest Covid Superspreader Risk: Study

The reopening of restaurants, gyms and hotels carries the highest danger of spreading Covid-19, according to a study that used… Read More

November 12, 2020

Eco Friendly Constructions Helpful in Covid Era: Dr Hiranandani 

Thrust should be given for a total environment friendly structure with minimum usage of the various utilities along with critically… Read More

November 6, 2020

Tech To Tell Mood Of Colleague, Improve Taste Of Food By 2030: Report

A large number of employees expect that technology will enable people to sense the mood of their colleagues, improve the… Read More

October 31, 2020