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  • The post-colonial version features Indian writers who define and perceive Kashmir in exaggerated stereotypes. Credit: Ole Holbech/Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0

    A Silenced, Exotic Backdrop Called Kashmir

    The post-colonial version features Indian writers who define and perceive Kashmir in exaggerated stereotypes, the prominent usage of the shikaras, the Dal lake, the innocent Kashmiri pitted against the dirty-bearded terrorist compatriot,

    Love,pain and film-making in Kashmir make this-novel an unusual-story from the state

    Apart from being a gracefully told story about self-discovery, loss and redemption, Zoon is an account of the many interlinked challenges of filmmaking: a director of photography finding the right look for a character or situation, a location scouter
  • The World of Islamic Fiction

    The World of Islamic Fiction

    Islamic fiction mirrors the rise of Christian fiction in the United States. Both have similar missions and offer a niche market for readers seeking authentic, clean entertainment. While Christian fiction is much ahead of Islamic fiction in terms of
  • Will Arundhati Roy's New Novel Change The Course Of Indian Writing In English Again

    Will Arundhati's new novel change the course of Indian-writing in English again?

    It is to exposing these issues that Roy’s writings turned, and although she did not write a novel in the two decades following the publication of The God of Small Things, she wrote prolifically.
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    How Pakistan lost the Great South Asian War

    In the book MacDonald ends up with disclosing at least five instances when the RAW, besides the Intelligence Bureau, failed to forestall the next ominous event for India since its formation in 1968.
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    Secrets of the Kashmir Valley

    Traveling to Kashmir to meet its traumatised women turned out to be one of the most amazing decisions I have ever made,” said Qazi. “It was also terrifying, and sometimes insane. This is not a story I had planned on sharing with the world.
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    Zuni-Chopra turns author at just 15 with debut-novel 'The House that Spoke'

    Zuni Chopra is all of 15 - the youngest author at the biggest literary event in the world - and is about to release her debut novel The House That Spoke, published by Penguin. She is readying to give her first interview.
  • A women in Kashmir is stopped by Indian Paramilitary forces . Abid Bhat/ Ko

    Invisible combatants !

    The women do not get justice even when they try; their rape and death are not considered significant. As an angry Kunan-Poshpora mass-rape survivor asks, “When someone [a man] was killed by the soldiers, we all called them martyrs ...
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    Wars of the ‘cinematic’ worlds

    People in India and Pakistan are on the verge of a war or so goes the rhetoric shared by the media on both sides of the border. Most people, on either side, are peace-loving folks who do not yearn for war. However,
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    Can this novel turn the clichés of Kashmir upside down?

    Rai looked at Rashid and remarked suddenly about yesterday’s visit to the military camp, “What was that brigadier talking about? Nothing could be more peaceful than this scene. These armywallahs are all paranoid about Pakistan

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