Change the Narrative

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s gag order on anti-India statements by his ministers has set an example that deserves to be responded by India. Such statements in both countries vitiate the environment, often for the sake of it. A reciprocation from India will certainly change the atmospherics for the better. But to make a real […]

Central University Kashmir must review its procedures for dealing with Students

A role model for students, University Professors are held to a high standard of behavior. The professor can really make or break a class experience, and alas, not all professors are created equal. Some may have outrageous opinions which bother you in every conceivable way, others may mumble or go off for long, irrelevant tangents […]

Our Selective Outrage over Sadhbhavna Girls is Hypocritical

Thirty Kashmiri girls on army tour have stirred up a hornet’s nest in valley. Most of the valleyites are blaming these girls, their parents for “going against the wind”. Bereft of any solid argument, the whole reaction appears a knee-jerk besides  selective outrage—as if those jumping to guns are flawless having no history of compromise […]

Advice to Sadhbhavna Girl parents:Don’t let ignorance demean your daughters

Since the last few weeks; we have witnessed that different newspapers, news portals, social media, took hold of the news of sadhbavna girls. The sadhbavna girls went for the India tour with army men and relished their dancing movements with them and their dancing videos have been captured by their sadhbavna gurus. The dancing video […]

‘We all want Kashmir issue resolved’

The Australian High Commissioner to India, Mr. Patrick Suckling, who was on a recent visit to Kashmir says he was struck by the enormous potential of the State, and of the desire of many people to work to make something of this potential for the people of Kashmir. Mr. Suckling said that Kashmiris are renowned the […]

2015 proved Jammu and Kashmir needs a Hercules not dream peddlers

The proof of pudding lies in its eating, but the problem with the PDP-BJP ruling coalition in Jammu and Kashmir is that its pudding is not ready to be tasted despite being cooked for 10 months.  The ideologically apart parties took three months to work out the terms of their alliance after the state assembly […]

Wars in the Middle East not about Islam: Alfredo Maiolese

BANGALORE: From being a devout Catholic, Alfredo Maiolese, an Italian from Genoa, embraced Islam 22 years ago in 1993. But he doesn’t call himself a ‘convert’. For him, one religion is an extension of the other, because at the age 27, he discovered “Jesus Christ and Mary” in a book on ‘Knowing Islam’. “I was […]

Let’s reclaim the spirit of Eid-e-Milad

In the deserts of Arabia, about 15 centuries ago, in 570 AD, a supremely creative and paradigm shattering historical (even trans-historical) event with eschatological implications happened. The consequences of this event were far reaching: a world historical civilization was borne-one that transformed not only the environs of Arabia but the whole world. This event was […]

Where are the three Kupwara missing?

On November 17, three civilians from two Kupwara villages went missing. However, after waiting in vain for their return, their families lodged a missing report on November 28 at Trehgam police station. They told the police that a Territorial Army man Manzoor Khawaja had lured them away on the promise of jobs as porters in […]

Message to Peshawar Killers: Dec 16 Martyrs are our Inspiration

16 December to so many among us, may just be one blood-stained day marked on the calendar but to me every day to college is a reflection of December the 16th. The sense of loss takes its toll even more prominently in winters when I walk to college amidst the swiftly moving green and golden […]