The U.S. cannot afford to forget Afghanistan and Pakistan

Last weekend’s deadly attack on an international hospital in Afghanistan was a reminder of the terrible war that grinds on there, with Afghan civilians caught in the crossfire. Doctors Without Borders, a globally respected group, has charged that the deaths of 22 patients and staff members at its hospital in Kunduz was a “war crime.” […]

Government must not back off?

SRINAGAR: After a spate of protests across Srinagar over the rationalization of the rice subsidy- which envisages a quantum of 5 kg of rice per person instead of the blanker 35 kgs per family,  the Minister of Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution, Choudhary Zuklfikar Ali , in a press conference stated  that 22.73 lakh families […]

Juvenile Crime:A societal and institutional response is the need of the hour

Juvenile crime or juvenile delinquency is on the increase in Kashmir. According to a report carried in our newspaper, the number of crimes committed under Ranbir Penal Code(RPC) are 49177 for the year 2013 and 2014 in the state and as per statistics made public by the state about  52 percent of criminals are in […]

‘Secret’ of Talks Success

If the report from a Pakistan daily is to be believed, India and Pakistan will embark on a secret diplomacy to resolve Kashmir.Though foreign secretaries will discuss Kashmir but their mandate will be restricted to necessary confidence-building measures “to improve the atmosphere as well as the situation along both sides of the Line of Control”. […]

ISIS in Kashmir?why this notion is rooted solely in fiction,not fact

The Government of India last month issued an advisory to states and Union Territories warning of possible Islamic State-backed attacks in India. More recently, Kamlesh Tiwari’s incendiary statements sparked protests which turned nasty; Pro-Pakistan and pro-IS slogans were raised by protestors. Similarly, the waving of IS flags in Srinagar city – especially downtown Srinagar on […]

IS is expanding its international reach.That is hardly a sign of weakness

The United Nations’ sanctions monitoring team warned last Tuesday that Libya was emerging as a key stronghold for Islamic State close to the shorelines of Europe. The warning aligns with assessments by US intelligence officials that the organisation’s franchise is entrenching itself in the midst of chaos in the north African country. Isis’s expansion outside […]

India-Pakistan: Beyond blame games and media grand-standing

For the third time during the last 18 months that it has been in power, the Modi government is seeking to begin a dialogue with Pakistan. A short statement issued after External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s visit to Islamabad earlier this week indicated that a “comprehensive bilateral dialogue” would begin shortly though no time frame […]

Politics, Not Religion

When Aamir Khan was speaking against growing intolerance in India at an award ceremony in New Delhi, a well-known journalist asked him if he was also worried about the rise of Wahhabi Islam since, in her opinion,  this strain of faith was responsible for the spread of terrorism in the  world. In response Khan said […]

Education System Improvement: Align needs,skills and qualifications

I have written this literary piece in connection with the faulty education system in Jammu and Kashmir. Everyone is presenting his views regarding the faulty education system and the ways to strengthen it. To some extent, government and non-governmental organizations are showing their interest and guts in making our education system robust. Recently, the education […]

Human Rights:why practice lags behind theory and what can be done

The morphology of Human Rights is appealing-intuitively. It would be safe to posit that every human being would want her/his rights to be respected and granted. This is, insofar, as the intuitive appeal of human rights is concerned.  At the same time, human rights –theory and practice- accrues from historical struggles-philosophical, theoretical and practical-and are […]