Village Defense Committee’s should be disbanded. Now!

A 4 year old kid and his 36 year old mother were murdered by a member of the Village Defense Committee (VDC) in Rahouri on the 24th of December, 2015. Hardly a week ago, was a politician murdered by a VDC member. Grist to the mill for disbanding the VDC’s was added by the politician’s […]

An open Letter to Mirwaiz Umar Farooq

Most Respected Mirwaiz Sahib, Like many others, I too have been following the ongoing puerile debate over recent “Sadbhavana” tour organised by the army for girl students from Srinagar. However, even though I personally feel that the girl participants have been wrongly victimised, I preferred not to speak out for the simple reason that I […]

Counter Point: Is Sadhbhavna about education?

Massive controversy erupted in Kashmir after the All India tour for Kashmiri girls undertaken by the Army came to light.  The Army claimed the ‘educational trip’- coming under the rubric of the Sadhbhavna program- was in the nature of a quest   to enhance awareness towards the educational institutions, the rich cultural heritage and developmental […]

Why Muslims should be grateful for Trump

Donald Trump has violated almost every rule of political and social decorum in recent months. His inflammatory rhetoric now resonates across the world, finding echoes among Hindu supremacists in India and far-right politicians in Europe. Trump and his vociferous supporters seem to be setting up rancorous conflicts within and between societies. In the process, however, […]

Prophet’s(SAW) Birthday and Hafta-e-Wahadat : The week of unity

Islam,  the religion of peace and tolerance which always favored unity gave us the system which established within us a sense of morality and its  rectification. It transformed the fragmented parts of each of our individual beings into the unbreakable synchronised and accustomed cultural and religious harmonies. It paved way for a vision where the […]

Time to Disband VDCs

On Sunday a National Conference activist was gunned down by a Village Defence Committee member in Rajouri. The killing of Ishtiyaq Ahmad has once again brought into the focus the role of Village Defence Committees in the state. If anything, the killing has yet again underlined the sense of impunity enjoyed by the VDCs who […]

Road accidents in Kashmir are eminently preventable. Here’s why and how.

Fatal road accidents happen in Kashmir on a quotidian basis- almost every day or every alternate day, there is news of fatalities on our roads.  Road accidents, it would not be an exaggeration to state, have become a trend. However, these fatalities neither appear to bother authorities here nor much attention is devoted to prevent […]

Why The West Can Never Defeat or “Forgive” Russia

Historically and intuitively, Russia has fought for the survival of humanity. Of course, things are not always pronounced or defined in such terms. However, already on several occasions, this enormous country has stood up against the most mighty and evil forces that have threatened the very survival of our Planet. During the Second World War, […]

Change the Narrative

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s gag order on anti-India statements by his ministers has set an example that deserves to be responded by India. Such statements in both countries vitiate the environment, often for the sake of it. A reciprocation from India will certainly change the atmospherics for the better. But to make a real […]

Central University Kashmir must review its procedures for dealing with Students

A role model for students, University Professors are held to a high standard of behavior. The professor can really make or break a class experience, and alas, not all professors are created equal. Some may have outrageous opinions which bother you in every conceivable way, others may mumble or go off for long, irrelevant tangents […]