Lethal Non-Lethal Weapons

Though state government has justified the deployment of non-lethal weapons to minimize the loss of lives in protests, in reality their excessive use has wrought havoc in Kashmir. Not only have people been killed, scores of youth across the Valley have also lost their eye-sight, either in one or both the eyes. Reflecting the grim […]

The Charges against Yasin Mallik: V for Vendetta?

In 2006, dystopian thriller movie, V for Vendetta was released. The genre of the movie- an adaptation of the works of messrs Alan Moore and David Lloyd graphic novel- was premised essentially on fear and the state. Or , how states, can exploit fear to maintain control in the name of safety and stability. The […]

R.Madhav need not be cowed down rather should press for 'Akhand Bharat'

Practically everyone has tried to play-down or pooh-pooh the recent controversy over a remark by Ram Madhav (the General Secretary of ruling BJP and with RSS links) about ‘Akhand Bharat’ (India with Pakistan and Bangladesh), but it is a much serious issue than being projected.  Given the history of Indian sub-continent it was clear to […]

Uedifying Legal revelations on Kashmir

A half century after the titles of the J&K Sadre Riyasat and Prime Minister were changed to Governor and Chief Minister,  J&K High Court in an order has termed the amendment that changed the nomenclature “against the basic structure of the (J&K) Constitution”. The order has played to a groundswell for the restoration of the […]

A stitch in time saves nine: Heed the complaints of business community

SRINAGAR: Trade and Business organizations of Kashmir have boycotted the pre-budget deliberations being held by the state government and led by Finance Minister Dr Haseeb Drabu. While terming it a black day, the Business organizations of the valley Monday slammed the Mufti-led coalition government for its “anti-state, anti-business” policies.  Accusing the government for its failure […]

Why Ram Madhav’s Akhand Bharat is more fiction than fact?

Ram Madhav BJP general secretary on lien from RSS, has said the RSS believes that India, Pakistan and Bangladesh will one day reunite again not by war but through “popular goodwill”, comments that were made public on the night Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a surprise stopover in Lahore for a meeting with Nawaz Sharif.”The […]

A Letter addressed to Youth

In the words of Jose Rizal, the youth is the hope of our future. As we know, the supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic few weeks ago issued an open letter, addressing the youth in the West for the second time. In this letter, as the first one, the Leader appealed to the nature of […]

Plate tectonic processes not cosmic changes cause earthquakes

Apropos a report in the Kashmir Observer (Cosmic Changes Cause Natural Disasters like Earthquakes: Kashmiri Polymath).  Earthquake largely occur due to plate tectonic processes on the Earth, and not by cosmic rays. The contention of Mr Naqash that the earthquakes occur due to cosmic changes, and the Indian Ocean Earthquake, and tsunamis of 2004 were […]

The Significance of Lahore Meet

SRINAGAR: Narendra Modi’s surprise visit to Pakistan to wish Nawaz Sharif on his birthday has taken everyone by surprise. Modi, after making veiled criticisms on Pakistan from Afghanistan, was returning from Russia where he signed defense deals with the Russians. Modi’s visit to Pakistan is not merely a good will or a courtesy gesture. He […]

Kashmir : Winter’s Tale

With each passing day as we head deep into the winter and the cold gets severer, the people are confronted with a familiar predicament: the shortage of power supply. And which seems a bit odd considering PDP heads the new ruling coalition in the state. In its previous term in the government, the party had […]