Pathankote Attacks Mystery

On 2 January 2016, a group of heavily armed militants attacked the Air Force station at Pathankote. The station is part of the Western Air Command of the Indian Air Force. According to the latest news updates on Tuesday, Firing could be heard from inside during Monday night and early Tuesday. A military official said […]

After Pathankot attack, will politics of last atrocity drive India-Pakistan ties again?

Breakfast at Kabul, lunch at Lahore and dinner in New Delhi. Within just a week of the euphoria of Prime MinisterNarendra Modi’s surprise pit-stop in Pakistan, there has been a terrible post script: Funeral in Pathankot. The bonhomie towards the end of the year promised by the Modi-Nawaz Sharif hug has been replaced by consternation […]

Don’t Give Up on Dialogue

The daring attack on the Pathankot airbase has once again set back the fledgling talks between India and Pakistan. The attack , which killed seven security personnel including an NSG commando, came days after the Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his dramatic stopover in Lahore to greet Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on his birthday.  It […]

Sopore Massacre will remain forever etched in the memory of Kashmiris

Dear editor,  Sopore massacre happened on January 6, 1993. When the bus arrived at Sopore from  Bandipora in which 55 civilians were massacred by the Border security forces of so called largest democratic country. It evince the inhumane character done by the Indian forces on Kashmiris. The death of 55 – civilians in the oppressed […]

Protect the Flag

It almost appears like a calibrated and sustained assault on J&K’s special status within Indian Union. The High Court Division Bench’s stay on its own single bench’s order requiring that the state flag be given the same respect as the national flag has again confronted the J&K with a fresh challenge to its already eroded […]

Who and what is implicated in the execution of Ayatollah Nimr?

Nimr Baqr al-Nimr also called as Sheikh Nimr, a Shia Sheikh in al-Awamiyah, Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia was executed by the Saudi regime on the 2nd of January, 2016. Nimr was arrested in the aftermath of the protests that hit the Arab world and were termed as the ‘Arab Spring’.  He was popular among […]

Reactions to a Shia cleric’s death,from the furious to the thoughtful

The Economist AT LEAST by their own lenient standards, Western governments issued a blunt rebuke to the Saudi authorities over the execution of a cleric who was revered among the Shia minority in the kingdom’s eastern region. Both America and the European Union said the death sentence was not only a violation of free speech […]

Pathankot attack is exactly why India should talk to Pakistan

The big terror attack in Pathankot threatens to derail a renewed India-Pakistan peace process. For now, the government and the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party are saying that the talks will go on. But it is possible that they may not be able to work against public opinion for long. Here are five reasons why India […]

The China-Pakistan Axis

The Interpreter In 1965, a Pakistani military delegation traipsed to Beijing in hope of replacing equipment they’d lost in the previous year’s war with India. Premier Zhou Enlai, meeting the delegation, was bewildered by their request for only 14 days’ ammunition. ‘How can a war be fought in that short time?’ Zhou then asked: ‘I […]

Year 2016: More of the same for Kashmiris?

The year 2016 AD has dawned. As the world celebrated the end of 2015 and new hopes and aspirations were articulated for the New Year by people across the world, the mood in Kashmir was a contrast to the vibrant hopes for the New Year. This is not to say there was gloom and doom […]