• The Modi government aims to ‘resolve’ the Kashmir dispute; internally, by crushing the people’s agitation, and externally, by rejecting any negotiations with Pakistan.

    Kashmir forsaken !

    OVER 30 years ago, prime minister Indira Gandhi called off talks with Pakistan on a no-war pact because Pakistan’s representative to the UN Human Rights Commission, Agha Hilaly, had compared Indian Kashmir with Palestine.
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    For Undertrials in Kashmir, Delayed Verdicts Mean Trauma for Life

    Some judges in the Srinagar district court see the delivery of justice as a combined function of the enforcing agencies and judiciary. Umi Kulsoom, city judge in the Srinagar district court and who was previously presiding over criminal cases
  • People’s PM: The swearing-in ceremony of Lal Bahadur Shastri, a sensitive PM who inspired with “Jai Jawan, Jai kisan”. Courtesy: Photo Archives, Rashtrapati Bhavan

    Leaders too must be spoken to

    Without liberty there is no creativity, without creativity life is a skeleton, without liberty and creativity society is merely a heap of bones and flesh. This mass may march in formation; it may shout slogans in unison; but it will be soul-less;
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    The rise of illiberal elites

    In India, Modi’s election victory in 2014 and subsequent policies have likewise been hailed as a ringing endorsement of his son-of-the-soil charisma by his admirers, fence-sitters who voted for “development” and even staunch self-professed liberals
  • Whatever the CRPF might say

    Whatever the CRPF might say

    Truth and reconciliation are important first steps for conflict resolution but the paramilitary forces – the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) in particular – have not covered themselves in glory by refusing to divulge details pertaining to the use
  • “Education is not solely an academic pursuit; it is a pursuit of moral wisdom.” Young monks study in their school inside Thikse Monastery in Ladakh.

    Teaching peace to humanity

    Building peace and transcending regional and global conflicts cannot be left entirely to the action and volition of political leaders. What is necessary herewith is not political governance, but moral leadership. Moreover, moral leadership
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    Shooting the Movement:Attack on GREF personnel doesn’t serve the Kashmir cause

    However, it is depressing to see how our leaders are rapidly shifting emphasis of the Kashmir movement from peaceful means to ‘armed struggle’ at a time when the ‘gun’ has totally fallen out of favour with the international community.
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    A vision for reconciliation

    The personal and political narrative of the Mufti is not a fairytale of success aided by silver cutlery or lost slippers, but of a dream built on steely foundations of resilience and determination.
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    Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person

    We marry to make a nice feeling permanent. We imagine that marriage will help us to bottle the joy we felt when the thought of proposing first came to us: Perhaps we were in Venice, on the lagoon, in a motorboat, with the evening sun throwing glitter
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    Fake news and a 400-year-old problem

    Likewise, the appetite for shallow gossip, pleasant lies and reassuring falsehoods has always been significant. The difference is that the internet allows that appetite to be fed a bottomless supply of semantic junk, transforming Bacon’s caves
  • Is there a way back from this brink, this cacophonous desert of radical contrariety in which we find ourselves? Frankly, I’m not hopeful. Illustration: C R Sasikumar

    We live with violent opposites, nuance is dead, so is dissent

    The clamorous farce that passes for TV “debate” is an eloquent illustration of our predicament, in which we are in the grip of matched opposites, good versus evil, monster versus saint, nationalism versus sedition, black versus white.
  • Funeral of Slain Hizb Commander Burhan Wani

    Covering Kashmir’s Summer of Discontent

    For a journalist in Kashmir or for that matter from outside the state, covering the eruptions like the one following Wani’s killing is a onerous proposition
  • Kashmir’s fragile peace

    Kashmir’s fragile peace

    India-held Kashmir saw a whole population rising against the state last summer in the form of large demonstrations, demanding the right to self-determination. It all started when Burhan Wani, a popular rebel commander,
  • Stepping back, this has truly been an annus horribilis where it concerns the security of the borders, especially along the Line of Control in Kashmir as well as the International Border between India and Pakistan.

    Year of Unravelling

    Stepping back, this has truly been an annus horribilis where it concerns the security of the borders, especially along the Line of Control in Kashmir as well as the International Border between India and Pakistan.
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    Civil Services in Kashmir, Punjab

    Due to the nature of their work, IPS officers are plugged into the national grid better than their state civil services cadre counterparts. For instance, IPS officers also go on deputation to national security agencies such as internal security agenc