•  Mehbooba Is Kashmir's Big Disappointment

    Mehbooba Is Kashmir's Big Disappointment

    The J&K assembly resolution, the all-party recommendations, the Round Table suggestions, the interlocutors' report, the experience of opening various routes for commerce and family interaction of Kashmiris of both hues across the LoC,
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    Posture for peace in J&K

    The Army and security forces cannot fill the political and administrative vacuum. The tactical commanders on the ground are under pressure since their casualties are mounting due to the ‘doctrine of restraint’,
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    Delhi blast acquittals

    The acquittal of two of the three accused of the serial bombing in Delhi on the eve of Diwali in 2005 is on the long list of similar judgments in high-profile terror cases. By then the reputation of the accused has been besmirched
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    Kashmir is not a currency problem

    The army chief, General Rawat, has also revealed something many Indians may not have known, and that was the hostility to the army from the population in Kashmir. He said, "As we are conducting operations against them
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    Army Chief on Kashmir

    The high casualty figures in Kashmir must have been extremely galling for the new Army Chief, Gen Bipin Rawat. For the first time in three decades, the government had breached the unwritten norm of seniority to appoint him as the Army Chief
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    When ‘Azadi’ Died

    Maqbool Bhat was a straight forward man who believed in calling spade a spade and for him ‘azadi’ had no allegorical interpretations - it simply meant an ‘independent’ Kashmir!
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    General Bipin Rawat has proved Kashmiris are subjects not citizens of India

    Militancy, to use the correct term, is not new to India. It was there when armed defiance against colonial masters was the norm; it has been there in the northeastern states for more than half a century;
  • The civilians in Kashmir are fed up of their lives under a permanent quasi-curfew, and it's natural that they would feel nothing but antipathy towards the Indian soldiers, the embodiment of Indian Union's military might.

    Army chief saying stone-pelters are jihadi aides bodes ill for Kashmir

    It's both unfortunate but not unexpected that General Bipin Rawat sounded exactly like the establishment in the Centre that picked him as the chief of Army staff, superseding not one but two of his then seniors, particularly Lt-Gen Praveen Bakshi.
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    General Rawat,hold your fire.All Kashmiri youth are not aides of jihadis

    The army has been a part of the protracted Kashmir problem for over two decades. As the head of an organisation that has lost ranks and officers at the hands of terrorists – and sometimes because jawans have turned their guns on their own colleagues
  • Omar Ghobash discusses his book 'Letters to a Young Muslim', with columnist Faisal Al Yafai (Mona Al Marzooqi/ The National)

    Looking for answers in the grey spaces of Islam

    Doubt is a good example. Faith can sometimes seem as if it is all about certainty, but there is a long tradition of doubt in religion. In his book, Ghobash addresses it: "The grey area of uncertainty and doubt as to what is right .
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    Thinking before Speaking

    When the Government of Pakistan has already declared its unstinted support for the ‘right to self determination’ in Kashmir, for the army to issue politically charged statements of similar intent but with menacing undertones like Kashmir
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    Tragedy at Frisal

    For Kashmiris, the phrases like “will look into the matter,” “has ordered a probe,” “is deeply grieved,” and many such are synonyms to mental torture, intense anger and insult. It is only because no one ever looked into matter or probed
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    Rising Islamophobia !

    In Europe, however, Islamophobia is almost as old as Islam itself. The reasons are ideological, religious and political. Minou Reeves, a former Iranian diplomat, surveyed a millennium’s worth of European criticism of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
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    What Kashmiri Pandits lost to the Valley

    Vajpayee arrived in J&K later. He was there, at the side of Shyama Prasad Mookerjee, who died in jail in 1953. A landowner from a Bengali family, who opposed the Quit India Movement as harshly as possible, was protesting against the land reform
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    Maqbool: He Lived & Died For Kashmir

    For us (Kashmiris), azadi (independence) means not just getting rid of foreign occupation from our beloved motherland but also removing hunger, poverty, ignorance and disease, and overcoming economic and social deprivation. One day, we shall achieve