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    Tackling the rich-poor gap

    The gap between the rich and poor is wider than ever. A report by the charity Oxfam shows that the wealth of just eight men – including Americans Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerberg – equals that of the 3.6 billion people
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    Restore prepaid internet service please

    On July 8, popular Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani was shot dead in an encounter with government forces at South Kashmir's Kokernag area. Shortly afterwards, J&K government not only imposed curfew and restrictions
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    Will Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sargoshiyan change the perception of people towards Kashmir?

    The valley, with beautiful meadows, lakes, snow-capped peaks, and some lush green gardens is peace loving and always welcomes everyone with open arms.
  • Initial brooding of chicks indoors (0-4 weeks)

    Innovative Integrated Farming System makes Layer Farming a Success

    In Agricultural sector, poultry stand out distinctly as a forerunner as far as the rate of progress is concerned. Certain inherent attributes associated with poultry such as lower input, short gestation period, efficiency of production
  • Living in a post truth world

    Living in a post truth world

    In November 2016, Oxford Dictionary declared that the international word for the year was “post-truth”—an adjective relating to or denoting “circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion
  • According to a survey, there are around 10 lakh unemployed youth in J&K, out of which around 6-7 lakh youth are highly qualified.  This is horrifying. 

    Govt should revoke the new job policy

    As everybody knows it that modern era is the era of science and technology and there is no doubt that science and technology has made life very comfortable. .Science and technology is also the generator of the employment  opportunities
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    Will New UN Secretary General help tackle Kashmir question?  

    May I take this opportunity to offer you, Mr. Antonio Guterres, on behalf of the ‘World Kashmir Awareness’ and its members sincere congratulations on your election as the ninth Secretary General of the United Nations.
  • Solution to Fake News on Social Media

    Solution to Fake News on Social Media

    Fake news is such a hot topic that even President Obama weighed in on the subject after the election. “If we are not serious about facts and what’s true and what’s not, if we can’t discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda.
  • The SC order on religion and caste is welcome

    The SC order on religion and caste is welcome

    The Supreme Court’ s judgement that religion and caste cannot be used by politicians is perhaps the best judgement that could be announced before the upcoming elections. For decades we have been divided and ruled by politicians playing the caste or r
  • Finding solace in memories

    Finding solace in memories

    What do you tell a person who asks you about the most beautiful memory you have had so far? Do you tell him how your best memory also happens to be your saddest? Do you tell him how your past reminds you of what you have lost?
  • Ideological differences trump PDP-BJP alliance

    Ideological differences trump PDP-BJP alliance

    The day PDP and BJP came together,  questions were raised about their agenda for alliance. Kashmir valley electorate too questioned PDP but BJP was accused more for having compromised the policies the party had been pursuing for more than last six.
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    No option but to resolve Kashmir

    Reports of shelling, incursions, and deaths in Kashmir indicate that conflict ibetween India and Pakistan is once again heating up. No one can think that another episode is a small matter, or, frankly, that it is necessary between two nations
  • We need more Jan Aushadi stores   

    We need more Jan Aushadi stores   

    In India still most of the allopathic drugs  falling in the National List of Essential Drugs 2011 are  prescribed and sold under brand names eight years after Government of India came up with Jan Aushadi Store program so as to relieve the already.
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    Demonitisation spawned no queues in Kashmir  

    When the Prime Minister Narendra  Modi announced the demonitisation on November 8, he said it was against the black money and to end the source of funding for the terrorism. Kashmir was the usual suspect. But the way the demonitisation unfolded in Ka
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    Demonitisation: Cashless is the king

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi is pushing an unsuspecting and a ‘reluctant’ India through monetary asceticism which could lead the country to becoming a ‘cashless paradise’ long spoken of in our spiritual and even fiscal scriptures.