India and Kashmir: the litmus test for India’s democracy is Kashmir

India is considered as the world’s largest democratic country.In a democratic country, you have every right to express your own feelings, but when it comes to, Kashmir it is usually brushed off. In a democratic country it is a given to have protection of the human rights, but what about Kashmir? In Kashmir we are […]

R.Madhav need not be cowed down rather should press for ‘Akhand Bharat’

Practically everyone has tried to play-down or pooh-pooh the recent controversy over a remark by Ram Madhav (the General Secretary of ruling BJP and with RSS links) about ‘Akhand Bharat’ (India with Pakistan and Bangladesh), but it is a much serious issue than being projected.  Given the history of Indian sub-continent it was clear to […]

A Letter addressed to Youth

In the words of Jose Rizal, the youth is the hope of our future. As we know, the supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic few weeks ago issued an open letter, addressing the youth in the West for the second time. In this letter, as the first one, the Leader appealed to the nature of […]

Plate tectonic processes not cosmic changes cause earthquakes

Apropos a report in the Kashmir Observer (Cosmic Changes Cause Natural Disasters like Earthquakes: Kashmiri Polymath).  Earthquake largely occur due to plate tectonic processes on the Earth, and not by cosmic rays. The contention of Mr Naqash that the earthquakes occur due to cosmic changes, and the Indian Ocean Earthquake, and tsunamis of 2004 were […]

Central University Kashmir must review its procedures for dealing with Students

A role model for students, University Professors are held to a high standard of behavior. The professor can really make or break a class experience, and alas, not all professors are created equal. Some may have outrageous opinions which bother you in every conceivable way, others may mumble or go off for long, irrelevant tangents […]

Message to Peshawar Killers: Dec 16 Martyrs are our Inspiration

16 December to so many among us, may just be one blood-stained day marked on the calendar but to me every day to college is a reflection of December the 16th. The sense of loss takes its toll even more prominently in winters when I walk to college amidst the swiftly moving green and golden […]

I am Kashmir: I Bleed everyday!

“Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin ast” The famous Persian couplet declares “If there ever be a paradise on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here (Kashmir)!”   You have heard a lot about me. Isn’t it? But, today I am going to give you a little introduction […]

Education System Improvement: Align needs,skills and qualifications

I have written this literary piece in connection with the faulty education system in Jammu and Kashmir. Everyone is presenting his views regarding the faulty education system and the ways to strengthen it. To some extent, government and non-governmental organizations are showing their interest and guts in making our education system robust. Recently, the education […]

PDP should rethink its alliance with the BJP

There is much hue and cry in India since Narendra Modi came into power. There have been many voices who have talked against intolerance  and fascism of present regime from politicians, film personalities, farmers to common man. Recently, famous Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan chipped in with his voice. He tweeted “For the late six to […]

Capacity building for Peace building

Capacity building is the assistance provided to entities, usually developing country societies, which have a need to develop a certain skill or competence, or for general upgrading of performance ability.  Since the world is witnessing rise in the conflicts in different parts including Southeast Asia and South Asia. So, in contemporary world, we need skilled […]