Education System Improvement: Align needs,skills and qualifications

I have written this literary piece in connection with the faulty education system in Jammu and Kashmir. Everyone is presenting his views regarding the faulty education system and the ways to strengthen it. To some extent, government and non-governmental organizations are showing their interest and guts in making our education system robust. Recently, the education […]

PDP should rethink its alliance with the BJP

There is much hue and cry in India since Narendra Modi came into power. There have been many voices who have talked against intolerance  and fascism of present regime from politicians, film personalities, farmers to common man. Recently, famous Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan chipped in with his voice. He tweeted “For the late six to […]

Capacity building for Peace building

Capacity building is the assistance provided to entities, usually developing country societies, which have a need to develop a certain skill or competence, or for general upgrading of performance ability.  Since the world is witnessing rise in the conflicts in different parts including Southeast Asia and South Asia. So, in contemporary world, we need skilled […]

Ban on Tuitions: How Govt. back stabbed the poor!

The recent decision of the education department to impose a blanket ban on the practice of tuition by the government teachers has jolted people from all sections of our society.It has brought a gloom and fall on the anxious faces of those poor and under privileged students whose parents can’t afford sending their children to […]

A Plea to My Prophet

Dear Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon you), Remember the man who stood up in front of a huge crowd and accused you of stealing from your own people when you were alive? His name was Hurgoos ibn Zuhair? When he stormed out of the mosque you said, “From this man will come people who recite […]

The Separate Class of ReT Teachers

This is in reference to an article titled ‘The Separate Class of ReT Teachers’ by Habibullah Shah published in a local daily on November 30th. The author has very beautifully portrayed the plight of ReT community especially the salary issue by referring to the selling of kidney by an ReT as the highest form of […]

Mere Criticism Won't Do Mr Malik

Dear Editor: This refers to the  article ‘Kashmir and US amnesia’ in a prominent Pakistani newspaper Dawn by Yasin Malik Chairman, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), based in Srinagar, J&K, India. In this article,  Yasin has criticized USA that – [it has given-up the idea and concept of self-determination, freedom and liberty and instead now […]

Jawahir Pora Lam—A forgotten village in Tral

Dear editor Known for its scenic beauty, Jawahirpora (Lam) is a beautiful village of Tehsil Aripal in Tral constituency. The snow-clad mountains, fresh water oozing out of springs, green meadows and beautiful Lam Nallah are some major attractions of this village. Agriculture constitutes the mainstay of the economy of this village, besides a sizeable population […]

Time for Waqf Board To Wake Up

The Muslim Waqf Board in Jammu and Kashmir has been repeatedly falling prey to politics of bias and favour, while it’s a body that should be allowed to function independently if the poor and the community are to be served through it.  The board collects funds of crores of rupees every year but one fails […]

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