Why Kashmir Mourns

India is of course celebrating its 67th Republic Day to honor its Constitution that became enforceable on January 26 in 1950.But the world’s largest “democracy” had no such democratic intentions for Kashmir.It was just two years earlier that the United Nations Security Council had been adopted, creating the Ceasefire Line, which was to end the […]

Govt and Society should focus on girl education

Recent 10th and 12th class results of Kashmir division once again proved empowerment of women. The girl students are taking lead in each and every field of education and technology. Today girls are challenging boys and are proceeding side by side touching shoulders with the boys. But for their education and development, state as well […]

An Open Letter to Mehbooba Mufti

Ms.Mehbooba mufti, President, Jammu & Kashmir People’s Democratic Party, Srinagar Dear Ms. Mufti: First of all I extend my most sincere condolences to you for the irreparable loss of your father. I understand that at this juncture, you must be going through a very intense emotional journey, however, the fate of the entire state is […]

A critical take on conventional wisdom and stereotypes

On January 6 2016, the “Directorate of Lifelong Learning” organized a counselling session for an admissions in  overseas universities. The event was organized at the University of Kashmir (Gandhi-Bawan) in which different experts from the valley and outside the valley took part in the event, but among different experts HUMAYUN QAISER was one of them. […]

Execution of Sheikh al-Nimr in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia executed Sheikh Baqir-al-Nimr,  a prominent Shia cleric and vocal critic of Saudi Arabian authorities on last Saturday for allegedly disobeying its ruler. His execution has evoked widespread condemnation and angry demonstrations worldwide including in US, UK, Iran, Syria, Bahrain, Kashmir etc. Sheikh al-Nimr was most popular among youth in Eastern Saudi Arabia. In […]

Sopore Massacre will remain forever etched in the memory of Kashmiris

Dear editor,  Sopore massacre happened on January 6, 1993. When the bus arrived at Sopore from  Bandipora in which 55 civilians were massacred by the Border security forces of so called largest democratic country. It evince the inhumane character done by the Indian forces on Kashmiris. The death of 55 – civilians in the oppressed […]

India and Kashmir: the litmus test for India’s democracy is Kashmir

India is considered as the world’s largest democratic country.In a democratic country, you have every right to express your own feelings, but when it comes to, Kashmir it is usually brushed off. In a democratic country it is a given to have protection of the human rights, but what about Kashmir? In Kashmir we are […]

R.Madhav need not be cowed down rather should press for ‘Akhand Bharat’

Practically everyone has tried to play-down or pooh-pooh the recent controversy over a remark by Ram Madhav (the General Secretary of ruling BJP and with RSS links) about ‘Akhand Bharat’ (India with Pakistan and Bangladesh), but it is a much serious issue than being projected.  Given the history of Indian sub-continent it was clear to […]

A Letter addressed to Youth

In the words of Jose Rizal, the youth is the hope of our future. As we know, the supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic few weeks ago issued an open letter, addressing the youth in the West for the second time. In this letter, as the first one, the Leader appealed to the nature of […]

Plate tectonic processes not cosmic changes cause earthquakes

Apropos a report in the Kashmir Observer (Cosmic Changes Cause Natural Disasters like Earthquakes: Kashmiri Polymath).  Earthquake largely occur due to plate tectonic processes on the Earth, and not by cosmic rays. The contention of Mr Naqash that the earthquakes occur due to cosmic changes, and the Indian Ocean Earthquake, and tsunamis of 2004 were […]