Women Oppression and Suppression – A Bygone Notion

This is in response to the article “Women empowerment and the hidden bias” published in your newspaper on 5th April, 2016. Since time immemorial, women have been treated as second class citizen. Even in the confines of their own homes, women have always been dominated by men. However, the government policy of women empowerment has […]

Why strikes are bad for us!

According to the latest survey of the World Bank, the state of Jammu and Kashmir, ranks among the worst Indian states for business. If asked to give a reason for this, every one of us will offer different reasons. But, the root cause of all our problems is ‘conflict’.  Decades of turmoil have affected our […]

We Demand Answers!

Despite beating drums about how Kashmir is an ‘Integral part’ of India, our valley has definitely never been treated as such. Kashmir is an internationally recognized disputed territory. Even though this fact does not need any evidence, the unimplemented UN Resolutions, that lie covered in heaps of dust, speak volumes about it. Unfortunately India, which […]

All Is Not Well In Kashmir!

Dear Editor,This refers to your report “Kashmir killings and the normalcy of abnormality: Kashmir’s new normal” (Kashmir Observer , April 14, 2016). Riots don’t start by themselves. Police are there for handling molestation issues. Surprisingly all stone throwers and youth attacking security personnel are innocent. Day by day violence is getting increased in these areas […]

KU Playing Truant with 3rd Year Students

Dear Editor,It has been a long time since the examination of undergraduate courses was conducted by the University of Kashmir. However its results are yet to be announced and students are waiting since a long time. University of Kashmir seems busy in economy driven activities as arranging evening sessions for PG students and are playing […]


The relations between Pakistan and India are easy to describe but difficult to explain. The relations between the two countries have remained hostile ever since the partition of 1947. The Kashmir issue, Siachen, Sir Creek etc. are the areas of contention between the two countries. The two countries have fought many wars in the past […]

An Open letter to Mehbooba Mufti

Dear Ma’am, You are among the seasoned politicians of Globe. Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on becoming party Leader of PDP as well as the first women Chief Minister of the place with the highest number of troops, more than the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq combined – Jammu & Kashmir. After […]

Tolerating Intolerance !

Since day one of the BJP coming to power, expectations have been replaced by apprehensions. People were optimistic about India’s future and its endeavors under the new elected government. The much hyped motto of ‘Make in India campaign’ with developmental agenda on its forefront has somehow lost its charm. Our country is becoming intolerant to […]

A Mumbaikar’s Advise

My family and I always liked the beautiful Kashmir, it’s wonderful people, great artistry and workmanship of their products and a sense of devotion to both Kashmir and to its future. The future of Kashmir actually is in the hands of the Kashmiris and not in hands of those who reside outside J&K.  Kashmiris should […]

Exodus of Pandits

The increasing frequency in strike calls by the separatist groups lends credence to the fact that history repeats itself. Similar events and frequent encounters were a routine of the 1990’s. People would often be forced to lie on the ground to escape bullets and pellets. Windows and kitchen shelves would often bear bullet marks.  It […]

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