‘As I Read Quran, I Realized I Had Found My Religion’

Q: What first drew you to Islam? Stephen Schwartz: Paradoxically, my interest in Islam – in which literary and historical concerns were intertwined – began with my search for the roots of California, where I grew up. California’s half-Anglo-American and half-Hispanic heritage pushed me toward Latin America, then to Spain. I published one major book […]

‘There Is No Compelling Need To Resolve The Kashmir Issue’

Q. What prompted you to write Understanding Kashmir and Kashmiris? More so, when you already have written a very important book on the state Kashmir, The Unwritten History. A. In my research into this dispute, which I first started in 1984, I had not seen many, if any, books that comprehensively discussed the whole issue […]

‘The Arab Spring is a European creation’

Souad Mekhennet BEJI Caïd Essebsi, 89, was elected president of Tunisia in 2014 after running for the secular Nidaa Tounes party. Previously, he served as prime minister in 2011 and as foreign minister from 1981 to 1986. He sat down with The Washington Post at his presidential palace a few days before the country’s Independence […]

Gaza on 'disastrous trajectory':UN

Robert Piper, UN deputy special coordinator for the Middle East peace process as well as humanitarian coordinator for the Palestine tells about Gaza Strip’s condition UN:-A top UN official helping oversee Gaza’s reconstruction following the 2014 attack by Israel says the territory is on a “disastrous trajectory,” with Israel’s blockade and Palestinian divisions hampering recovery. […]

'We all want Kashmir issue resolved'

The Australian High Commissioner to India, Mr. Patrick Suckling, who was on a recent visit to Kashmir says he was struck by the enormous potential of the State, and of the desire of many people to work to make something of this potential for the people of Kashmir. Mr. Suckling said that Kashmiris are renowned the […]

Wars in the Middle East not about Islam: Alfredo Maiolese

BANGALORE: From being a devout Catholic, Alfredo Maiolese, an Italian from Genoa, embraced Islam 22 years ago in 1993. But he doesn’t call himself a ‘convert’. For him, one religion is an extension of the other, because at the age 27, he discovered “Jesus Christ and Mary” in a book on ‘Knowing Islam’. “I was […]

Buddha Would Have Stood By Myanmar Muslims: Dalai Lama

BANGALORE:- Venerated by Tibetans and respected the world over, Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, has the most infectious smile that breaks into a hearty laugh at the slightest excuse. He wears his 80 years with all the weight of expectations for instant solutions to the world’s many problems lightly on his able shoulders. Unruffled […]

Being a DJ is a dream come true

DJ AKI started spinning behind the deck with amazing set of music with a different view for party people. His music presented a new vision for those people who live their life with style.  DJ Aki spins House, Electro House & Trances. DJ AKI Spin music only for passion and make you rise above your […]

‘It’s challenging to get real stories into mainstream cinema’:Kabir Khan

 Weaving in a story with a “real-life context” and with superstars in mainstream cinema is quite a challenge, says filmmaker Kabir Khan, known for films like “Kabul Express”, “New York” and the blockbuster “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”. “Commercial success is important, because in the end I’m making cinema. The struggle and challenge is to get slightly real […]

'Purging Racism, The Enemy Within'- An Analysis

We spoke with Dr Kusum Gopal in whose diverse expertise includes redressing race and ethnic tensions in the Indian subcontinent, South-east Asia, Northern Europe, East and West Africa and the MENA region.