Corona’s Animal Connection

Corona’s Animal Connection

China and many countries in South east Asia eat – snakes, bats bears, tigers, pangolins, to name a few – most of these animals carry a very high viral load and this mutates in the human body. Now the Chinese have been officially asked not to eat every species on the planet

Why We Need To Stop Releasing Balloons

Why We Need To Stop Releasing Balloons

I have always hated kites and plastic straws long before I knew how many millions of lives they took. People who release pigeons and balloons at rallies have my undying hatred because the pigeons will die and the balloons will kill.

Beware of the New Danger!

Beware of the New Danger!

Do people really understand climate change and global warming? A few days of unseasonal chill brings back the sceptic in everyone if the earth is getting hotter then why are we experiencing low temperatures, is a common question.

Of Grandparents and Grand Children

Of Grandparents and Grand Children

When we were young, we spent two months every year with my mothers parents on a huge farm in a village near Bhopal. We slept in mosquito netted beds in the garden, we shelled peas and roasted green channas, we played pittoo and all sorts of indoor games with shells and seeds. We were fed relentlessly.

Don’t Eat Egg Before Reading This

Eggs have always been considered to be a standard safe food. Few people realise that every egg is different, and some may not be fit to eat at all. An egg is made up of albumen, yolk and a porous shell made of calcium carbonate. The internal ingredients of an egg can be altered so […]

Do You Still Think You Are Superior?

*  Do ants stand for election? Yes, and the months long process is almost as brutal as the Indian elections, according to research published in the The American Naturalist. When an Indian Jumping Ant colony’s queen dies, the workers, alerted by the absence of her familiar scent, gather at the centre of the colony and form a circle around the larvae […]

Beware! There Is A Cocktail Of Drugs In Your Meat

When cooking chicken, or meat, for one’s family, most people are very careful to wash and cook the flesh properly. Unfortunately, there are some things which any amount of washing, boiling or roasting cannot clean out – and those are drugs. There is a cocktail of drugs in your meat and all of them are […]

Think You’re Special? That Just Proves You’re Normal

We like to think that we are unique. That all sheep think alike and cows have no personality. We think we are the only people who dream of reaching the stars and falling in love. But we think the same way as cockroaches and mice, cats and camels and have personalities that resemble animals. Just […]

Pesticide Menace: Are Eggs Safe To Eat?

All over Europe eggs have been found to be contaminated by a dangerous pesticide called Fipronil. The eggs originated from poultry farms in Holland. Investigations into the illegal use of Fipronil on poultry farms have led to 180 big poultries being shut down. Millions of eggs and egg-based products like salads, sandwiches and mayonnaise have […]

Myths About Animals You Probably Think Are True 

Here are some common myths about animal behaviour: Myth: Mother birds will reject their babies if they have been touched by humans. Truth: Most birds have a poorly developed sense of smell and will not notice a human smell. But if you pick up the chicks in the nest, she will be close by watching […]

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