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  • What Is China Eating?

    What Is China Eating?

    The trouble with China’s new found wealth and middle class is that they are not only eating every animal and fish in their own country, but they are sucking in and killing almost all species from all over the world to satisfy their insatiable lust.
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    Pellet Gun Cruelity

    When our government formed in 2o14, the Home Ministry started an exercise to reform the Arms Rules. A great deal of evidence was given to them to put controls on airguns. The air gun industry and Rifle Association, headed by ex-Maharajahs and known p
  • People have been told repeatedly by the advertisements, and by doctors paid by the industry, that fish oil has Omega 3 in it and these fatty acids will protect their hearts.

    More Than Just Fishy

    American Heart Association endorsed fish oil as a way for heart patients to get more omega-3s in their diets. And so the sales shot through the roof all over the world, as heart patients sought the easy way – not to exercise and not to stop eating
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    Democracy in animal world

    The ants are beating each other up for only one reason: the top of the pecking order is the one who lays eggs and this fighting is to determine who gets to lay eggs and who doesn’t. And after months of conflict (where no one dies!) 10 to 15 top
  • Rape happens in animal kingdom too......

    Rape happens in animal kingdom too......

    Bottlenose dolphin males form gangs, corner a female and then take turns mating with her. If there are no females around, they take a young male instead. Competing groups of dolphins may raid rival territories for their females.
  • What’s there in your Chicken ?

    What’s there in your Chicken ?

    Indians love freebies. And they love chicken. The per capita consumption of poultry has increased four-fold in the last 50 years. So, let me give you the knowledge of two free things you get with your chicken.
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    Magical World of Animals

    When a human has problems dealing with his life and goes to a psychiatrist, one of the tools used is regression through hypnosis. The person, in a hypnotic state, relives his past till he finds the incidents and relationships that have caused him
  • Silver Varakh- A Dirty Poison

    Silver Varakh- A Dirty Poison

    For years and years the government put off the decision to make varakh, silver leaf, by machine on the grounds that no machines were available. Finally, this year a historic decision has been taken and the FSSAI notification has come that no varakh c
  • Colours To Die For: How Bad Is Food Colouring For You

    Colours To Die For: How Bad Is Food Colouring For You

    Since the colour of food influences consumers, many food manufacturers use dyes in foods ranging from meat and candies to wine. The aim is to simulate a colour that is perceived by the consumer as natural,
  • Wonderful things animals can do

    Wonderful things animals can do

    25 years ago I wrote a quiz book called Wise and Wonderful published by Rupa. The idea was to get people familiar with the millions of wonderful things animals could do. So many years later I continue to be fascinated by their abilities.

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