• The attack on Sehwan Sharif is an attack on Sufi teachings of love and compassion

    Damadam mast Qalandar is a cry of rebellion against established orders

    When Shias and Sunnis pray in the same vicinity and a red alamflutters on the top of the shrine that belongs to a man named Usman, one cannot tell that we are in a country plagued by sectarian tensions. When Suhrawardis, Ismailis, and Shivaites
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    When Nehru hid the truth about China building a road across Indian-territory

    The CIA note shows that in late 1952, the 2 Cavalry Regiment, commanded by one Han Tse-min, had its headquarters at Gartok (the main trade centre in Western Tibet). The regiment had 800 camels and 150 men garrisoned at Rutok, in the vicinity of the
  • The Qalandar's Magnetism

    The Qalandar's Magnetism

    Lal Shahbaz is of course a title; the saint’s proper name is stated to be Syed Usman Marwandi. As his name indicates, he is said to be a descendant of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), from the lineage of Imam Jafar as-Sadiq, the sixth Imam.
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    The travel ban

    In his landmark work, Orientalism, Edward Said theorised that Muslims are fundamentally subjects of study and scrutiny for Western outsiders, systematically excluded from the enterprise of contributing and commenting on their very existence.
  • An avalanche, such as this one on Annapurna in Nepal, can be set off by a tremor as low as 2 on the Richter scale [image by Maureen Barlin]

    Is climate change behind recent spate of Himalayan avalanches?

    What’s even more unfortunate, the conventional knowledge that the indigenous communities relied upon now seems passé with the changes that have taken place. “This is new territory for them and they are ill-equipped,
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    Why nobody wants to help Myanmar’s unwanted Rohingya

    Myanmar should take a holistic approach for developing a comprehensive mechanism for sustainable repatriation of its nationals to their home in Rakhine state at the earliest.”
  • CPEC Karakoram Highwayin Gojal Hunza

    GB Province: A CPEC Prerequisite

    One of the most crucial factors that should have been addressed prior to implementation was the settlement of the constitutional status of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB), which is strategically located at the entry point of the CPEC route.
  • While the travel ban covers only seven Muslim countries, the letter points out that it’s already causing a ripple effect on people from other countries as well.

    Trump's Muslim ban is building walls around science

    Not just the information technology industry in the US and India, but even leaders of the biotechnology industry are unnerved by the visa and travel restrictions the Trump administration has unleashed.
  • Pakistani men protest against Valentine's Day celebrations in Karachi on February 12, 2017.

    Pakistan banning Valentine's Day is as Indian as it gets

    A high court in Pakistan has found grave evidences of Valentine’s Day being "un-Islamic" and hence it was deemed right for the sake of national security to "ban" the entire thing.
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    Learning from kangaroos:How skin-to-skin contact with parents saves newborn lives

    Many seem to have settled in for the day – one woman has her knitting out and another has her extended family in tow. Five paediatricians stand in a row behind a long, high bench examining baby after baby,
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    How Drug Companies & Complicit Doctors Are Fleecing Us All

    Many may not believe that some where medicines sold & prescribed under a brand name are marked with an MRP of 500% to 600 %  (even more ) of the price that could still give reasonable (20to 30 %) margin of profit to the trade.
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    How Jagjit Singh redefined the modern ghazal

    Jagjit Singh is the most successful ghazal singer and composer of all time - in terms of critical acclaim as well as commercial success.He defined the modern genre of ghazal singing.
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    The Bourgeois Question and a summer in Kashmir

    The larger point that I’m trying to make is that in the many hues of narratives that Kashmir throws up, we are conveniently silent about this one: the bourgeois have to come out of their comfortable zones and join the call of Azadi.
  • An Iranian girl shows her hand painted with the national flag colors during a ceremony marking the 36th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution (two years ago), at the Azadi (Freedom) Square in Tehran.

    38 Years Of Withstanding US Bullying

    What is, however, undeniable is that Iran’s development owes everything to the values it adopted 38 years ago. By adhering to Islamic principles and creating a society based on taqwa where the overriding concern is the well-being of ordinary people,
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    From KO archives:6 Ikhwanis among 20 injured in Anantnag blast

    Panic gripped Anantnag town this afternoon after suspected separatist militants hurled a grenade at a group of strolling pro-government militants, led by their leader, Mohammad Amin alias Setha. The grenade exploded on the roadside injuring some twe