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  • A scene after terror attack in Westminster .

    JK Rowling and global jihad

    Britain's relationship with Islam will not be decided by the British but by its Muslims, backed up by petro-dollar billionaires. The Islamic cosmopolitanism that is increasingly becoming London's culture suggests the future will be one most liberal
  • Danny Moloshok / Reuters

    Banning laptops in cabin luggage won't prevent terrorist attacks on planes

    There is evidence that airport baggage scanners in many developing world airports aren’t sophisticated enough to detect the latest explosive devices that can be hidden in electronic devices. But limiting the restrictions to just 10 specific airports
  • Can Ghosts Change Hollywood Stereotypes about Muslims?

    Can Ghosts Change Hollywood Stereotypes about Muslims?

    “After that, the Jinn trailer becomes ridiculous and falls off the edge of the earth.” Could it be that finding a balance between telling a legitimate story about such a broad aspect of religion was too hopeful?
  • Flying While Muslim

    Flying While Muslim

    Muslims have been getting kicked off flights at an increasingly alarming rate in the last few months. The justification for removing Muslims from flights has varied from case to case, but many seem to be based solely on harmful stereotypes.
  • Illustration from a 1781 CE Markandeya Purana folio (National Museum of Pakistan)

    Exhibition: Fruits of paradise

    Most of this show’s stunningly executed manuscripts — sacred, devotional and non-religious — are from the antique book collection of the National Museum of Pakistan. For the Kashmiri silvercraft, copperware, woodwork and papier-mache items
  • Allama Iqbal (centre, bottom row) with his students and colleagues at Government College, Lahore in 1910 | Iqbal in Pictures

    The lost verse: Why is Iqbal going out of fashion?

    So until fairly recently Iqbal-the-poet transcended ideological leanings, and this was so because there did exist around us apoet called Iqbal who wrote majestic poetry. Here let us carve a creative principle on our literary consciousness.
  • Supporters celebrate the landslide victory of BJP in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand assembly elections outside the BJP office at Ashoka Road, New Delhi.

    How to get away with murder in India?

    In Rajasthan, like many other states in India, killing of cows, bulls and bullocks as well as possession and transportation of their flesh is banned. The BJP government in the state has also set up a cow department for the welfare of the animal.
  • Take Wisdom Wherever You Find It

    Take Wisdom Wherever You Find It

     This openness to learning good things from others, including people of other faiths, can be reinforced when we remember that according to Islam, God has sent prophets to all peoples and during all times. This means that their holy books
  •  UP CM, Yogi Adityanath with PM Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah

    Yogi Adityanath and Ramdev are the new BJP model of development-plus

    The BJP seems to feel that the likes of Ramdev and Adityanath are going to provide, along with Amit Shah and Modi, a new model which combines values and development. It is a model that needs to be challenged.
  • Soils play an important role in the nutritional value of our food.

    How healthy soils make for a healthy life

    The next time you bite into an apple, spare a thought for the soils that helped to produce it. Soils play a vital role, not just in an apple’s growth, but in our own health too.

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