Kashmir is great: An Ode to Kashmir and a Lament

Subjugation, during the part of the history of a nation, never means that the nation is not great; defeat never suggests that a defeated nation cannot rise again and win the eventual decisive battle; helplessness of a people never indicates that they cannot be invigorated to change the course of history of their nation, and […]

Tale of a Mother:Free in her wilderness but bonded by lost Love

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free – John Wolfang The morning was as cold as dry ice and I was wading through it to this institute where I took math’s classes. The winters’ alacrity, the snow crumbs and the delightful icicles, all of it was bringing appeasing silence […]

Climate and the rise and fall of civilisations:a lesson from the past

This year will likely be a degree warmer than before people started pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The last time the world was this hot wasn’t great for civilisation. 2015 will likely be the hottest year on record, beating the previous record set only the previous year. It is also likely to be the […]

The Return of History

AN Islamic philosopher in Karachi, an ideologue who provides violent ideas to some of Pakistan’s fiercest extremist groups, once told me that there are two kinds of history: dead and living. “Dead history is something on a shelf or in a museum,” he said. “Living history is part of your consciousness, something in your blood […]

Mark Zuckerberg should spend $45 billion on undoing Facebook’s damage to democracies

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has announced that he wants to give away $45 billion. I’m sure he needs some advice on how to spend it. Here’s mine: He should use it to undo the terrible damage done by Facebook and other forms of social media to democratic debate and civilized discussion all over the […]

How Iraq mistakes fueled ISIS rise

Addressing the nation from the Oval office on Sunday night, President Barack Obama outlined the current U.S. approach to fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Obama stated that we have been at war with Islamist terrorists since 9/11. However, the number of terrorists has proliferated since then in large part as the […]

Anti-Muslim bigotry aids ISIL: Our view

Six days after the 9/11 attacks by Islamic extremists claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 Americans, President George W. Bush made a singular statement by visiting a mosque in the nation’s capital. The image of Bush’s strong stand against harassment and hatred, seen around the world, was a proud moment for the grieving nation, one […]

J&K consumes 6 crore chicken stuffed with ‘spurious’ antibiotics annually

Srinagar: In the burgeoning poultry sector, hundreds of thousands of chicken are produced inside the state and imported annually that go directly into the market without any proper testing entailing a significant health risk to consumers. The nature of this alarming development can be put into perspective by experts who point out to the dangers […]

Floods: Have We Learnt Our Lessons?

September 2014 was very punitive for the ‘Heaven on Earth’, Kashmir as it witnessed a disastrous deluge never seen in its entire history. Majority of the districts across the state were gravely hit by the hammering rainfall. The Jhelum River on September 5, in full wrath burst through embankments submerging everything that came in its […]

Why are we so obsessed with self-obsession?

IN language that mirrors dialogue from The Walking Dead, we decry the destructive rise of narcissism. We write self-help books on how to identify, avoid, manage and escape the narcissists among us. We refine our diagnostic standards for narcissism and we study our navel-gazing young people. We re-diagnose past dictators, mass murderers and influential leaders […]