Mother- An Epitome of Sacrifice!

 “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”This undoubtedly remains one of the most powerful adages I have ever come across. All of us are concerned about our happiness. We live in oblivion and are sometimes very indifferent towards the sufferings of other people. We are so busy making a living that we forget to live. […]

How women can deal with periods in space

Who was the first woman to have her period in space? What is it like changing sanitary products while being weightless? And why doesn’t menstrual flow just float up into the body when gravity isn’t around?These were some of the questions I had when I started researching female astronaut health. The human body goes through […]

Turkey, into darkness

TERROR WARNINGS ARE now a weekly occurrence in Turkey. Suicide attacks and car bombs in Istanbul and Ankara this year, which killed nearly 200 people, have deepened the sense of fear. Major Istanbul soccer matches and art fairs have been canceled as newspapers print instructions for “spotting a suicide bomber.” Tourist arrivals have fallen more […]

Satyan’s Pistol And Mehran’s Airgun:A Hard Lesson From A Tragic Suicide

By Farooq Shah Around the time violent clashes were taking place between Hindu and Muslim students over a cricket match in the Kashmiri summer capital of Srinagar, another tale of violence and, in a sense, redemption was unfolding in the Hindu bastion of Jammu. In this story a Hindu man imparted a valuable lesson to […]

Hail Mother Every Day, Not Just on Mother’s Day

It was mother’s day and as is the habit with our generation, I went to my mother’s room early in the morning to give her a mother’s day card but in reality to wake her  up for a mother-daughter selfie (because how can our mother’s day be  complete without posting a selfie about it on […]

Media Hype or Something Else

 A few days back media especially national media was abuzz with the news that a poor Kashmiri made it to Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). The NDTV flashed a news headline, “With Help, This 19- year-old Could Be the First IITian from Kashmir’s Shahgund”. The news was really cracking especially for the people of Sonawari, […]

Jihad and Terrorism: A Misunderstood Concept of Islam

In today’s world, various Islamic terms and concepts are grossly misunderstood. We cannot blame anyone expect ourselves as we failed to live in Islamic tenants and completely failed to promote the understanding of Islam in the world. The people around us got irritated when they hear the name of Islam and Muslim. Without any knowledge […]

Say No to ‘Trans Fats’

During my recent visit to Kashmir, I noticed that people of Kashmir are consuming a lot of unhealthy foods, especially ones rich in trans-fat. This is why health problems are on rise in Kashmir. Be it young, old or even children, everyone is suffering from health ailments. Eating clean and healthy food is one of […]

What Muslims Around the World Think About Women’s Rights,in Charts

We often talk about “the Islamic world,” or the “Muslim community,” but sometimes it takes being smacked with an enormous, amazing data dump to remind us that Muslims are actually an incredibly diverse group — if you can call them a group — who adhere to views that are informed by their cultural and political […]

How food has come to rescue of Afghan women refugees in Delhi

The seven women dressed in vivid salwar kurtas chatter buoyantly and incessantly, creating a hum that’s periodically punctuated by high notes. They have gathered in an apartment in Delhi’s posh Jangpura Extension on a Wednesday afternoon to discuss their next business. “No more complaining,” said one of them in Dari. “This is a time of […]