Nothing certain about Iran-US Relations

The implementation of the Iran nuclear deal was a landmark achievement. Iran has at last received long-awaited sanctions relief after fulfilling its obligations under the agreement, verified last week by a report released by the International Atomic Energy Agency. It remains unclear, however, if the way has now been cleared for greater economic development and […]

For youth in Kashmir,mental health declines as conflict simmers

On a cold evening last December, Sajad limped home and sat in his living room under a dim tungsten bulb. He pulled a cigarette packet out from his black woolen cloak. Within fifteen minutes Sajad, 20, had impatiently smoked two, letting ash fall to the floor. He had just finished a day of work at […]

Why Kashmiri Pandits are in no hurry to return to the Valley

Every year in June, Tulla Mulla, an area of Ganderbal around 27 kilometres from Srinagar, is abuzz with Kashmiri Pandit families celebrating the Kheer Bhawani Mela. It is the biggest congregation of Kashmiri Pandits and they celebrate it with traditional fervor. Holding night-long prayers at the temple, ringing bells and carrying rose petals. They offer […]

Why Indian identity would collapse without the existence of Pakistan

I first visited India in 2011, a country that I had long romanticised in my imagination. I had envisioned India to be everything Pakistan is not – secular, tolerant, diverse and democratic. I remember seeing at the border, just a few metres away from the no man’s land, a board which read “India, the largest […]

Education is about more than getting Jobs: A personal odyssey

It was the time of Winter season like nowadays. As  Sun rises , the cold winds start driving here and there, birds were chirping continuously & silent pain hidden in this vast silence echoes. My phone alarm vibrates and interrupts my sleep and after continuous vibration my one eye opened at last .I saw the […]

I'm A Celebrity, So Are You:The Fictional World Of Social Media

With the advent of 2016, I’ve been subjected to a deluge of party photos and New Year selfies on my Facebook feed. For someone who is a millennial and is supposed to be mobile, social and what not, I do miss the good old 80s and 90s, when life seemed so simple without all those […]

Universalizing Education is possible:The Japanese show the Way

I have written this literary piece in connection with the news published in almost all the newspapers in which we saw the seriousness of Japan towards the educational system. In that news as per the reports, two trains Stop at Shirataki station of Japan just for only a single school going girl passenger, so that […]

The oddest thing about India-Pak ties right now:Both sides actually seem earnest

It wasn’t that long ago that Pakistan was using a diplomatic weapon against India that probably doesn’t make it into foreign-affairs handbooks: sarcasm. Still, nothing about the India-Pakistan dialogue process, if it can be called that, has managed to surprise most people. Towards the end of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s tenure, efforts to make […]

Obama's last SOTU address: typically long on rhetoric, short on substance

A big African American man lay sprawled on an Oakland (California) street. My ‘desi’ sensibility got aroused and I stretched out my hand to help him stand and regain composure. The man looked at me intensely and said “Thanks”. As I was about to say good bye , I asked the man what he wanted […]

India Pakistan Relations: Modi-fied but not transformed

IN THE recent history of relations between India and Pakistan, it has seemed an immutable law: that any apparent political breakthrough will be followed by a terrorist atrocity in India blamed on agents of the Pakistani state. The bloodiest of these—a murderous assault on Mumbai in 2008—brought a chill that has yet to thaw. And […]