Tears Don’t Dry In Kashmir

The story of what happened yesterday in Handwara, Kashmir (a town about 70 km/37 miles from Srinagar) is undisputed, even if inadequately reported. Two young men were shot dead, & several others, including a 70-year-old woman, lie in hospital with critical injuries after Indian occupying troops opened fire on unarmed protesters who were protesting the […]

Beyond Hashtags:How a New Wave of Digital Activists is Changing Society

Digital activism has transformed political protest in the last two decades. Smartphones and the internet have changed the way political events, protests and movements are organised, helping to mobilise thousands of new supporters to a diverse range of causes. With such activity becoming an everyday occurrence, new forms of digital activism are now emerging. These […]

This Is Why We Should Talk About Our Bodies

The other day I read a beautiful, heartfelt post on how we should talk to our daughters about their bodies. The gist of it was to NOT talk about it. At all. It said we shouldn’t make any comment about their bodies – good or bad. That we should praise them instead for inner traits […]

The Indo-Pak peace process is going exactly where Pakistan-Army wants it to-nowhere

As Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit’s comments regarding the peace process being suspended hit the Indian media, the impression is that Islamabad and New Delhi may have missed the peace bus yet again. But the question is: did either side even get onboard the bus? The doors remain closed for years and open up briefly, […]

Let optimism prevail in talks between Pakistan and India

For veterans of the Pakistan-India optimism game, the latest exchange of bitterness across the Radcliffe Line is affirmation of the hard work that remains to be done in normalising South Asia. Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke the mould by inviting Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to his inauguration, and Sharif buoyed the optimists’ camp by […]

Contemporary Indian Nationalism:The threat to India comes from within;Not without

What is Nationalism? I am unknown to this word, since India has taken the saffron colour. Bakhts of saffronism has demarcated the quiddity of nationalism and patriotism without knowing what nation is?. If we simply deluge the meaning of nationalism: ” it is a shared group feeling in the significance of a geographical and sometimes […]

Time to learn from natural disasters

THE earth science researchers have established that the Earth was a big piece of land once upon a time in the long geological timescale. And later that land was separated into different pieces of various shapes, and sizes. The driving force of these newly created chucks of land was controlled by action within the deeper […]

A Generation of Attention Seekers

Social Media has officially made us all attention seekers and there is no use denying it. There is always a Facebook post about anything and everything we ever do. Nothing is impossible anymore. Distances no longer matter. People sitting miles away from us are just a click away. The world seems to a shrunk in […]

Muslim Discussions: Is Shehla Rashid Muslim?

We Muslims, Moslems, Musalmans or Muhammedans are very interesting peoples. We have many nice habits. Like, we discuss a lot. We like to discuss, and we discuss for discussion’s sake. We believe in aesthetic pleasure and practise the art for art’s sake. After discussing an issue to its fullest, thread bare, postmortemmed, we do not […]

Holy Cow with Unholy Fate

The ban on the sale of beef by the BJP-ruled states and the demand of several right-wing groups for the extension of the ban across India has sounded an alarm for cattle-owners, traders and lakhs of consumers, with attacks on individuals, labelled as ‘beef eaters’, adding to the hysteria. Dealers and consumers from across the […]