What Life Taught Me In 25 Years!

It is very strange to realise how we hardly notice things changing as the days pass. Day after day, we continue following the same monotonous routine. Every day looks the same and sometimes it feels like our life has become stagnant and stale. Yet, when we look back at the same moments after a year […]

Kashmir trout endangered by pollution, climate change

The man most associated with the introduction of trout in Jammu & Kashmir was the redoubtable angler and owner of a carpet factory, Frank J Mitchel. Although an indigenous variety – the snow trout – already existed in the waters, Mitchel convinced Maharaja Pratap Singh, to ask the British for more varieties. In 1899, the […]

How to Catch a Liar

Spotting a lie isn’t as quick and easy as it looks on television. With time and training, it is possible to get a good sense of when someone is deceiving you, experts say.“It’s really about how to observe very carefully,” said Pamela Meyer, author of the book Liespotting and chief executive officer of the private […]

How far can journalists go?

AS you read this article today, a renowned Australian current affairs journalist is counting days in a Beirut jail, waiting desperately, and optimistically, for the local authorities to give their final verdict in her case.Tara Brown, who works for one of Australia’s biggest television networks channel Nine was arrested along with her crew and a […]

Why the ‘national media’ is a myth

The recent set of highlighted events blew away the Delhi-based media propagated myth that there’s something called the “national media”, representing concerns and realities beyond NCR. Delhi media spent most of its time and resources informing us about student unrest in Delhi and more recently, water shortage in Delhi. That’s what the billion-plus needed to […]

What are the skills every 18-year-old needs?

1. An 18-year-old must be able to talk to strangers.Faculty, deans, advisers, landlords, store clerks, human resource managers, coworkers, bank tellers, health care providers, bus drivers, mechanics — in the real world.The crutch: We teach kids not to talk to strangers instead of teaching the more nuanced skill of how to discern the few bad […]

Dr Kalim Siddiqui: Great Mujahid and Reformer

This month marks the twentieth anniversary of Dr Kalim Siddiqui’s demise. His deep understanding and penetrating analysis of global events are sorely missed at this critical juncture.“Ideas make history,” wrote Dr. Kalim Siddiqui in a paper entitled “Integration and disintegration in the politics of Islam and kufr,” and presented at the Muslim Institute’s World Seminar […]

Nothing to Report

 It has been nearly a week since Kashmir erupted in protest against allegations that an army man molested a minor in Handwara, in the northern district of Kupwara. Five people have been killed in fire by the security forces. Amidst the turmoil, journalists reporting on Handwara and its aftermath say they are facing the most […]

Kashmir: Kal Jise Ahl-e-Nazar Kehte Thay Iran-e-Sagheer

“Ye Anasir Ka Purana Khel, Ye Dunya-e-Doon Sakinan-e-Arsh-e-Azam Ki Tamanaon Ka Khoon Usski Barbadi Pe Aaj Aamada Hai Who Kaar-saaz Jis Ne UssKa Nam RakhaTha Jahan-e-Kaaf-o-Noon” [Dr Allama Iqbal (Devil’s Conference /Iblis ‎kiMajlis)] (This ancient game of elements, this base world! The frustration of the longings of the great Empyreans’ dwellers, Upon its destruction is […]

Bullets in Handwara:A few questions on events of past two days

On Tuesday, protests broke out in Handwara, located in north Kashmir’s Kupwara district. They started after word spread that a schoolgirl had been allegedly molested by an army man as she entered a washroom. To disperse the stone-pelting crowd, the Jammu and Kashmir Police and personnel of the Rashtriya Rifles reportedly opened fire. In the […]