A road to empathy and solidarity: A reading list on Kashmir

In the midst of the brutality unleashed on the people of Kashmir by the State over the past few weeks, there is a small spark of hope: all over India, people have gathered together to speak up for Kashmir. There have been protests, public meetings, and efforts to organise smaller meetings or discussions on Kashmir. […]

Speaking Kashmir’s pain:Rajya-Sabha tries out a new language on the Valley

Politicians in Delhi have a few textbook phrases on Kashmir. “Integral part of India” is a favourite, doggedly dished out whenever there is talk of the Kashmir dispute. As though territorial division would be like breaking off part of a cookie, leaving crumbs behind and threatening the roundness of the whole. More often than not, […]

Kashmir: Patriotism Over Humanism?

Sometime ago, I had watched some of the news channels that were actively reporting on Burhan Wani’s newly released video. They called him the ‘poster boy’. I would’ve easily cursed the guy who picked arms at the age of 15 and was now the new face of ‘media terrorism’. I remember how the news anchors […]

10 steps to renew hope in Kashmir

The killing of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani, yet again, exposed the fragile peace prevalent in the Kashmir Valley. A number of attempts have been made to analyse the emotional bursting of the dam that led to the outpouring of anger and frustration. This article does not attempt to rationalise the incidents, as, some of […]

We have failed Kashmiris at every step

Every time protests erupt in Kashmir, some idiot muses on how Kashmiris enjoy higher development indicators than most other Indians, and how J&K receives massive subsidies. The point is to show how much India gives to Kashmiris, and how ungrateful they are. The truth is exactly the opposite. Indian governance has been the cause of […]

Human Attitude Towards Animals

Islam means “submission to the will of God”. Islam states that Allah sent messengers and prophets throughout the ages with the message of Unity of God and accountability in the Hereafter. Muslims accept the Qur’an, as the word of God revealed to his last prophet Muhammad (Pbuh). Islam makes it an article of faith to […]

No reason to celebrate

Wishing you a belated Eid Mubarak. I say this as a formality. In reality, there is no reason to celebrate. This has been the bloodiest holy month in history. Meant to be a period of peace and piety, Ramazan was punctuated by despicable acts of murder, orchestrated by clerics, fanatics and terrorists. From the spate […]

I am a Kashmiri

I am a Kashmiri.Now that must come as a surprise to many , most of all me ,as all my life I have strived and endeavoured to be an Indian. Taken pride infact in being one.Not any more .Today the criteria for being one has been changed by the collective conscience of the majority of […]

A love story with Kashmir: The land not Kashmiri

For the popular Indian imagination on Kashmir across India, the land Kashmir acquires more importance than the people Kashmiri. That is how while the land gets adored for its natural beauty, the people Kashmiris are less appreciated. While the travelogues in media start showing the beauty of the land, the same media when it comes […]

How the State drove an embittered Burhan Wani to militancy

WE WRITE this in anguish at another alarming spiral of violence in Kashmir, when a discredited old playbook has yet again been deployed to wreak havoc on civilian life. Kashmir’s escalating violence follows a familiar pattern: a killing, a funeral where rage is vented through slogans and stones, and volleys of lethal gunfire in response. […]