Social Media- Learn to Use it judiciously

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it?”? Erik Qualman A few years back, ‘Media’ used to be restricted to just print and electronic media. But as the digital age dawned upon us, the definition of media became more and more incoherent. Social media […]

The History behind the Heavenly Journey

THE DATE of the Mi’raj of the Prophet of Islam (S) has been recorded by two major Muslim historians, Ibn Ishaq and Ibn Hisham, as being in the 10th year of Bi`sath (appointment to Prophethood). The great Muslim historian, Baihaqi has recorded this event as occurring in the 12th year of Bi’sath. Others have mentioned […]

Jerusalem: Model Of Coexistence

FOR us, Mecca is the heart of the world of existence and Medina is the center of civilization while Jerusalem is a model of coexistence for diverse religions and beliefs. Mecca and Medina are forever forbidden to polytheists and non-Muslims. Jerusalem is the abode of peace (Dar al-Salam) where three religions can coexist. Peace relies […]

Divorce- A Stigma our Society needs to Overcome

Divorce! What is your first reaction to this word? What image does this word bring to your mind? Whenever I hear this word, my mind instantly takes a turn towards the negative side. Words like ugly, hurtful, bad start playing a tune in my head. But is the word divorce really that negative or is […]

When Eqbal Ahmad was shot at in Kashmir

Eqbal Ahmad was clearly one of the finest examples in South Asia of what his friend Edward Said called a “public intellectual.” He was also one of the first to urge a serious examination of the political roots of modern militancy in the Middle East and South Asia.Eqbal Ahmad taught at a number of universities […]

The ugly history of cosmetic surgery

Reality television shows based on surgical transformations, such as The Swan and Extreme Makeover, were not the first public spectacles to offer women the ability to compete for the chance to be beautiful.In 1924, a competition ad in the New York Daily Mirror asked the affronting question “Who is the homeliest girl in New York?” […]

Former Indian,Pakistani Envoys Spar–and Talk–at Mother of all Track-IIs

It may not be the equivalent to his secret rendezvous with a cigar-loving former Pakistani diplomat to find a roadmap to resolving the Kashmir imbroglio, but former prime ministerial special envoy Satinder Lambah managed to get together an extraordinary Track-2 event, which seemingly has official blessings.For two days last week, six former Pakistani high commissioners […]

Maulana Mustafa Ansari – A Scholar Of Reason

Maulana Mustafa Ansari – A Scholar Of Reason

An erudite scholar, Maulana Mustafa Hussain Ansari would always stress the importance of rational thought in removing cobwebs of ignorance and modernising Muslim society.

Perished Arts – Legacy of the ‘RAJ’

PrologueThe Article X of the treaty of Amritsar reads: ‘The Maharaja would annually furnish the British Crown with, ‘one horse, twelve perfect shawl goats of approved breed (six male and six female) and three pairs of Kashmiri shawls.’ The treaty of Amritsar signed between Maharaja Gulab Singh of Jammu and the British Crown had not only expansionist […]

What about the Darya-i-noor and the Akbar Shah diamond?

Ashes and Diamonds. The great film’s title sprang to mind when I read about Delhi’s natural history museum burning down on Tuesday. Among other things, the fire symbolised the futility of demanding the Koh-i-Noor’s repatriation.Whether Gandhi’s spectacles or Tipu’s sword, we want historical artefacts returned to India out of a sense of national pride. But […]