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    Protests in scores of localities after authorities close Mehjoor Nagar Bridge

    Authorities on Tuesday closed the Mehjoor Nagar Bridge for every kind of traffic and pedestrian movement, sparking protests in south city areas.The bridge was closed for heavy motor vehicles (HMVs) after one of its supporting pillars collapsed ye
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    Frequent Traffic Jams In City Irks Public

    Despite the tall claims of the government that various steps have been taken to streamline traffic in Srinagar, the city witness massive traffic jams day-to-day leaving thousands of people stuck for hours.
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    Massive traffic jam leads to chaos in Srinagar uptown

    Commuters had to face immense hardships due to a massive traffic jam after some security force vehicles allegedly plied from wrong side on a one-war road in the uptown Srinagar.Meanwhile, commuters told UNI that traffic police personnel
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    Traffic Snarls Irk City Commuters

    Following the relaxation in ongoing protest calendar issued by the Hurriyat leaders, Srinagar streets are clogged with traffic during day hours.The commuters as well the pedestrians complain that they are facing hardships
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    Frequent traffic jam irks commuters in city, Authorities clueless

    Commuters faced a tough time on Monday due to massive traffic jams in various areas of the city. The city street vendors also continue to occupy roads leading to chaos and congestion.
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    Massive traffic jams irk commuters

    Following the full day relaxation call by the separatist leaders, the Srinagar especially the business Hub Lal Chowk is consistently witnessing a massive traffic jams. Thus, simultaneously leave the commuters to suffer.
  • Traffic-Mess Festers In Srinagar As More Slums Come Up At ParimPora Bus-Stand

    Traffic-Mess Festers In Srinagar As More Slums Come Up At ParimPora Bus-Stand

    At a time when the traffic jams have worsened in the summer capital here, the government has allowed construction of more slums at the Parim Pora bus stand thereby hindering the prospects of decongesting the City.
  •  Traffic Deptt Ignores Congested Old City

    Traffic Deptt Ignores Congested Old City

    Even as the traffic jams continue to worsen with each passing day, the people of old City,which houses around half the population of Srinagar, have been left to fend for themselves, as the congested area continues to be void of any traffic policing