• Muslim Discourse

    Muslim Discourse !

    The Muslim world, its scholars and leaders who are seriously concerned about the rapid deterioration of Muslim politics and society, must find alternative routes of thought and create platforms of open discourse and debate. This must happen at local,
  • Among the pellet-blinded in Kashmir

    Among the pellet-blinded in Kashmir

    These are an estimated 1100 of the people hit by the pellet gun fire in Valley, a significant number of them youth, whose vision has been impaired, for many of them irreparably. Government figures say only six people have completely lost their sight
  • CM’s rehabilitation plan: Shouldn’t Hurriyat have done it?

    CM’s rehabilitation plan: Shouldn’t Hurriyat have done it?  

    When she rose to speak in Assembly,  J&K Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti was expected to reply to the opposition forced discussion on the last year’s unrest which claimed around 100 lives and left several hundred blinded.
  • Yashwant Sinha, Journalist Bharat Bhushan and Executive Director, Centre for Dialogue and Reconciliation, Sushoba Barve in Srinagar on Oct 27, 2016.

    Report by Concerned Citizens Group’s second visit to Kashmir

    Kashmiris claim that they have lost faith in India because India has failed them. Now the trust-deficit is widening. Some Kashmiris believe that the Indian State looks at Kashmir only within the framework of national security.
  • Funeral of Slain Hizb Commander Burhan Wani

    Covering Kashmir’s Summer of Discontent

    For a journalist in Kashmir or for that matter from outside the state, covering the eruptions like the one following Wani’s killing is a onerous proposition
  • Image credit: Danish Ismail/Reuters

    Kashmiri-women felt the heat of summer-unrest,not on streets but in their-homes

    Shazia ran into trouble early on in her marriage. “His behaviour changed after we got married,” the mother of one who works in the Jammu and Kashmir government’s health department told the State Women’s Commission during a hearing in Srinagar.
  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year

    But this is an uncertainty that is the only thing that is certain about Kashmir. Come summer and Kashmir could well plunge back into the familiar turmoil.
  • Ideological differences trump PDP-BJP alliance

    Ideological differences trump PDP-BJP alliance

    The day PDP and BJP came together,  questions were raised about their agenda for alliance. Kashmir valley electorate too questioned PDP but BJP was accused more for having compromised the policies the party had been pursuing for more than last six.
  • Why The West is terrified of Muslims reading history…

    Why The West is Terrified of Muslims Reading History…

    The Western powers’ grand plan had changed the self-identity of millions of people, a gigantic feat of social re-engineering, and as a result the Powers were able to dominate those they sought to exploit.
  • Where's the introspection?

    Where's the introspection?

    The unrest is now formally over. The markets in Kashmir swarm with people and the roads clog with traffic.  And the busiest of all the markets is Lal Chowk, Srinagar's Commercial hub,  which witnesses the most rush. 
  • Nun Chai

    How We Prepare Tea Matters

    In Kashmir drinking tea is part of culture so I recommend people to steep tea for only 15 minutes at boiling temperature. This will give better antioxidant activity to tea otherwise prolonged boiling will destroy antioxidants
  •  Bela Desai

    This Lady from Mumbai Visited Kashmir Alone: What Happened Next?

    It was 10th June 2016 and my birthday. I gifted it to me…from me…an air ticket from Mumbai to Srinagar in coming December. I decided to travel all alone. Though I have two members in my family who belong to army and it was against my family wish
  • KEG and Kashmir media

    KEG and Kashmir media

    The media in Kashmir has an overriding need to introspect and formulate an ethical framework within which to carry on its work. And the Guild has to  helm this change.
  • Time to protest the protests

    Time to protest the protests

    The current protests have once again shown that while agitations may be a useful instrument for attracting international attention to the grievances of Kashmiris, they by themselves cannot get us our right to self determination.
  • Why rush the winter vacation?

    Why rush the winter vacation?

    It was on November 29 that Ajaz Ahmad Bhat, the Director, School Education, Kashmir announced that there would be no winter break. Schools and colleges, he said, will remain open through the winter without any break to cover the pending syllabus