• The Qalandar's Magnetism

    The Qalandar's Magnetism

    Lal Shahbaz is of course a title; the saint’s proper name is stated to be Syed Usman Marwandi. As his name indicates, he is said to be a descendant of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), from the lineage of Imam Jafar as-Sadiq, the sixth Imam.
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    A dead-end scenario

    Two months after the end of the post-Burhan upsurge, the situation in Kashmir is at a dead-end. The summer’s heavy security crackdown has brought about some moderation in the intensity of the protests but the situation continues to simmer.
  • Tragedy at Kulgam

    Tragedy at Kulgam

    The killings of the civilians has angered the Valley. Similarly, the effortless recourse to the use of bullets and the pellets has once again come as a shock. More so, when no such weapons were used during the violent Jallikatu protests in Chennai. 
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    Maqbool: He Lived & Died For Kashmir

    For us (Kashmiris), azadi (independence) means not just getting rid of foreign occupation from our beloved motherland but also removing hunger, poverty, ignorance and disease, and overcoming economic and social deprivation. One day, we shall achieve
  • Look beyond hartal on human rights excesses

    Look beyond hartal on human rights excesses

    The point is while we blame the government for denying justice to the victims of human rights excesses in the state, we as a community are no less in dock. It is cynical on our part to flaunt the victims of gross human rights excesses
  • Spurious Medicines In Hospitals

    Spurious Medicine in Hospitals

    J&K Drug and Food Control Organization has recalled two “sub-standard” drugs worth Rs 33 lakh supplied to hospitals by JK Medical Supplies Corporation Limited. The medicines were tested as fake by the J&K Drug and Food Control Organization
  • America’s lurch to the far right

    America’s lurch to the far right

    Kashmir has thus been unlikely victim of the US immigration ban, despite India not being on the list. And it is clear the two were denied visa because they are Muslims and hail from Kashmir. If anything, it tells us that the US immigration ban
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    Rising Tensions in Kashmir

    If New Delhi chooses to retaliate, there will be many rungs available for escalation, beginning with intensified, quick hit-and-return operations within the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir. These dynamics may not favor India, however
  • Winters Tale

    Winter’s Tale in Kashmir

    This winter after a long time, Kashmir has experienced successive heavy snowfall which has thrown life out of gear: electricity has been erratic, traffic movement has been affected, more so along Jammu-Srinagar highway.
  • On pellet gun, civil society should step up

    On pellet gun, civil society should step up

    It is now official, J&K has no plan to ban  the pellet guns. That is, if there was any hope that the government would take such a step on its own after the union government appointed review committee justified its use earlier this year.
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    Kashmir at War

    Kashmir exists in a continuum of violence. A chronic illness between Pakistan and India, it has periodic flare-ups manifesting in wars, uneasy peace, militancy, and dialogue. In this protracted system, a perpetual ebb
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    The capital of spurious medicines

    Replying to a query in Assembly, the health minister Bali Ram Bhagat startlingly revealed that over the past two years 83 drugs have been found to be sub-standard and misbranded in the state.
  • Back to Pandit question

    Back to Pandit question

    In a move that is set to raise fresh tension in Valley, the Union Home Ministry has identified 100 acres of land at eight places in the valley for settlement of Kashmiri Pandits. These pockets will be spread across all 10 districts of the valley
  • Association of Victims of Pellet Gun

    Association of Victims of Pellet Gun

    The pellet gun, according to the doctors, has caused vision impairment to around one thousand people and injured a  massive 7136 people in other parts of the body.  Several hundred of them have only a “perception of light”
  • Dangal actor Zaira Wasim

    Why I understand trolls' anger and respect Zaira Wasim's apology

    But Zaira wasn't blind to it. Like other residents of the valley, she was a helpless witness to what happened in Kashmir last year. She understood the anger and hurt that animated the trolling against her after she met the chief minister