Why Talent and Intelligence in Kashmir Meets a Dead End?

A BRIGHT YOUNG Kashmiri man, barely 25 years old, has the ability and talent to become an artist of great and global fame and renown. He is young, and effervescent with ideas; he also has the oomph and the gumption required to make it big. A 29 something year Kashmiri old woman knows her stuff […]

Productive Economy Key to Post Flood Recovery

Floods revealed that Kashmiri society despite depredations is a strong community with an abundance of social capital THE anniversary of the devastating floods that swept Kashmir in its fury has drawn to a close. On the face of it, Kashmir looks normal. This, however, is an illusion: underneath the patina of calm and apparent normalcy, […]

Steinmeier’s Kashmir remarks: Germany’s delicate dance in South Asia?

Is Germany evolving into a power pole in Europe around which other states may rally around?  Frank Walter Steinmeier- the German Foreign Minister- has after concluding a visit to Afghanistan said that, deep issues like Kashmir should be part of the talks between India and Pakistan as dialogue is the only way forward. The statement, […]

Khanday: The Fall Guy

Notes on political interference in Public Administration IQBAL KHANDAY is all set to resign as the Chief Secretary of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Apparently the outgoing chief secretary is quitting over interference in the administrative affairs of the government by some sections of the political class. There is no reason to doubt this […]

Why Kashmir needs an inclusive and a stakeholder approach?

P V Narasimha Rao- the wily 10th Prime Minister of India- once told a visiting  American scholar,  contain a conflict long enough and it will go away. The reference was to the dispute over Kashmir. This has been and remains the default strategy and approach of the Indian state towards Kashmir despite the transformation of […]