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Sanika Athavale

Migrant Colony Coming Up in Kashmir: Nothing New About It, Says Div Com

‘The government does not have any information about the number of Kashmiri Pandits who are left in the Valley or…

2 years ago

‘Unknown’ Hall of Fame: A Collective of Creative Writers of Kashmir

Kashmir’s fiction guild is a parallel universe frequented by a bunch of wordsmiths lacking good publishers and wide readership. But…

2 years ago

Travellers’ Torment Raises ‘Time for Home Quarantine’ Pitch in Kashmir

As the world is gradually reopening after left paralytic by the pandemic, many stranded Kashmiris are finally heading home after…

2 years ago

Changemakers of Uri: Inside ‘Godforsaken’ Land’s Relief Operation

As the poltergeist of a virus haunts the settlements in mountains and hills that seem like specks of uneven structures…

2 years ago