Ifthikar Bashir

Ifthikar Bashir is a freelance Financial Advisor

Surviving the Pandemic

What can governments do to mitigate  the recession that will inevitably follow from the lockdown is a million-dollar question. And… Read More

June 30, 2020

e for Education

The challenges students in Kashmir encounter apart from extremely slow internet connectivity, stem more from the need of learning self-control… Read More

June 22, 2020

The Cure Worse Than The Disease

Amidst a high-octane debate, India finally announced the re-opening for business and revival. Too early or too late - while… Read More

June 8, 2020

CANDID in a COVID Environment

Expectations are that the global growth will witness a moderate rebound in the current year. The uptick is expected on… Read More

February 24, 2020