Gowhar Geelani

Gowhar Geelani is a journalist-author who served Deutsche Welle as editor. He is author of Kashmir: Rage and Reason

Here is What is Plaguing Cricket in Kashmir

Previously, J&K cricket has been marred by corruption of scandals, club clout, and petty politics. Now it is all about… Read More

January 28, 2021

Of Conversations, Courage And Memory 

It appears that the people, politicians, pulpit and Kashmir’s opinion makers and the civil society — all are in the… Read More

January 13, 2021

Busting the Bullet 

It is important to put these killings in their right perspective. To begin with, such killings executed in Pathribal, Machil… Read More

January 1, 2021

DDC Lessons for PAGD 

The two key PAGD leaders must keep in mind that the section of the population that believes in making a… Read More

December 25, 2020

Why The PDP Needs Clarity, Not Ambiguity

One of the main reasons behind the PDP’s current state of affairs is its ambiguity and lack of political will… Read More

December 8, 2020

Why JKNC Should Introspect to Redeem and Reinvent Itself

With even the leftovers of that semi-autonomy gone with the winds on August 5 last year, the NC leadership has… Read More

November 26, 2020

The ‘Gupkar Gang’ or ‘Delhi’s Daily-wagers’?

Finding themselves at the precipice of complete irrelevance on Kashmir’s slippery political landscape, the unionists are desperate to use both… Read More

November 18, 2020

Four Well-Deserving Teams in IPL Play-offs: Who Will Win the Title?

This year's IPL was different due to Covid-19 but all the more exciting with players like Abdul Samad from J&K.… Read More

November 5, 2020

No One in Kashmir Will Massage Fragile Egos of J&K Unionists

"The unionists who have chosen to fight for turning the clock backwards in Jammu and Kashmir must get real and… Read More

October 17, 2020

Will Architects of Gupkar Declaration Walk the Talk?

In the eyes of the common people, the unionist camp is essentially responsible for Kashmir’s many ills. They are seen… Read More

September 30, 2020