Thinking Ordinary: Of Female Inheritance

With the invasions/ arrivals of successive hoards of Aryans, Kashmiri society witnessed the establishment of a ruthless monolithic social order wherein prejudice was institutionalised against the majority of the population in particular the women.

Thinking Ordinary: My Noble Dal-Hards

Ali Malik Dal is dead. Elitists are debating the time frame. Ten, twenty, thirty years. It is the elitist who has far centuries, particularly in the peculiar monolithic sociopolitical hi­erarchical order, perceived, described and imposed his sense of beauty on the water body called Dal. During the course of Dal’s recorded history we have seen […]

Thinking Ordinary: Meanwhile Let’s Dissect Kashmiryat’

Mihirkul was a typical representative of the counter revolution symbolising cruelty and death with massacres of whole sale Buddhist villages. Kashmiris kept resisting till the opportune time when Rainchan presented himself on the scene, having overthrown the old order and Kashmiris

Thinking Ordinary: Meanwhile, Let’s Fill In The Blanks

Post traumatic stress disorder is an epidemic in Kashmir. Conservative estimates would suggest half of the population is suffering from either depression, or anxiety disorder or some other post traumatic disorder.

Gujjar Autonomous (Non) Territorial Council

Ethnic Gujjar’s and Ethnic Kashmiris embarked on a socioeconomic struggle together almost seventy years ago, yet we see Gujjar population predominantly living below the poverty line while the later has taken significant strides towards economic prosperity in the same political environment.

Does Islam Provide for Peoples’ Democracy? 

About Islamic democracies Muslim thinkers including the ones referred to herein above sought to reconcile and resolve the conflict between the responsibility of the State to enforce/ implement the “already existing” divine/ Shariah law and the power of the Parliament to make and frame laws.

Land Structure & Bogey Of Land Reforms in Kashmir

Land Structure & Bogey Of Land Reforms in Kashmir

A close examination of the so called massive land reforms carried out in Kashmir under the leadership of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah reveal them to be a big farce. A historical context given hereunder may reveal the real picture to the reader who is entitled to his own self determination.