March 7, 2020 12:04 pm

Inside The Mind Of A Drug Addict

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Faizan Bashir

"There was a time when 'divine signs' were seen in children, but now, it's like a complete obverse of it," in a tone of despair whimpered a very old, frizzled and pale man. Watching through the window, the man enjoined upon me for having a disheartening view of two of his younger children - puffing weed. So much so, their style of talking & bodily movements would quiver with each passing second. Wherefore, I was able to squeeze out the memories of my teen when I too had grown the victim of these life-abrading habits. The clutches of this trap, as far as I could remember, had gripped me to the hilt. None could prevent me from doing so - almost none. It was as if the permanent seal of drugs had been tacked to my heart & mind. For the most part, a person is tend to 'considerably' think over crucial & critical aspects of life, but the whole self of mine was in a state of utter freeze just by its disgrace & medically proven-pernicious effects.

Obviously there are many questions like what is it that takes a normal being into these physical activities, destructive though? Why is it that these life-hollowing drugs the more a man becomes addictive to, wouldn't probably go away from us? Even after, having felt its repercussions, why is not one able to take control over himself, or is left uttering I were to have stopped it that time and this time while dying in self pity!? Or Is there some kind of mystery that lies with the drug-ridden? The answer to all these hardly-contemplated-over-questions is that: of all the drug-addicts, more than 70 percent have a history of depression, stress, anxiety & many other psychological disorders that they found too difficult to put up with. So, in order to give to the mind a ceaseless rush of dopamine, a chemical in our brain responsible for mood boosting- or giving a temporary feeling of relief, consuming drugs becomes the fitting choice.

There are different drugs available & to be sold & each of them has its own features. The way cannabis can give momentary a sigh of relief, couldn't probably cigarettes do; & the continuos cycle of consuming one over other becomes the nasty priority! Drugs are the cruelest killers disguising as relief & mood boosters.... A sign of stress is indicative of mind demanding something to get the relaxation from; and here the depressed folk becomes an easy prey to drugs - finding it as swifter working alternative than anything else could be doing! When a man has a huge stress over something, to put in this way, he is bound to consuming the substance having mammoth influential features. So that, the temporary relief from the mess could be achieved; but, that is where a man starts to grow addictive.

Drugs, cruelest killers, have a plethora of dreadful effects on our lives. It's been found that taking drugs reduces oxygen level in our veins, thereby affecting our heart. Others (experts in morphology) would say that it alters the inner structure of mind, thus giving rise to to the life-snatching psychological disorders - and then one grows paranoid. Many fears take up his mind and tend to neglect the society. One becomes socially bereft! Some would even - for the inability in dealing with people - consume drugs thereof in secret. Substantial number of them are seeing no way to reclaim their lives, thus adding only to the woes and life becoming sheer predicament.

Having refrained from taking these silent killers, I can say that those that are used to devouring or snuffing or whatever ways they take them in should at least check the status of their lives. They should ask themselves what is it that prompts them to become the easy victim of drugs. Analysing the root causes would do plenty in helping one recover from the predicament. If there is any kind of stress or depression or strain, as the major causes remain so at most of the times, despite the fact we don't comprehend it at the moment, self-control, meditation etc should be considered, wholeheartedly, instead; or even if one is most glued with these drugs, reduce the quantity of it each time. Wait for the due course. Rise to the occasion and stay away from these killing stuff.

Drugs, including tobacco and alcohol, are easily available to children and adolescents.

It is noteworthy to mention that those who, fortunately, have not become the victim of these killers, must pay no heed to it ever. For once it has been consumed, one fails to understand what to do and what not. The need of the hour is to aware the unawares regarding the downsides - trap - of taking drugs. We must impart in our education system the whole concept of drugs as to how it affects the health and psychology; and, most importantly, how to waive off our uneasiness at times by mental exercises to keep us calm, secured from the lure of drugs.

There is an urgent need to start a campaign, protest against those dealers and smugglers who dispose of different kinds of drugs whether in manifest or secret to the mentally disturbed victims. The administration ought to put more efforts in cracking whip on such elements. At the same time, instead of penalising the drug takers, they should be given counselling sessions to sort out issues that prompt them to take these drugs in the first place. Furthermore, parents must keep a vigil on their children: from where they are coming, who are they friends with, why are they coming late, what has been done to the pocket-money they get. These are the questions which every parent must pose to their children. Talking freely with your children is an another thing which is needed to reduce any strain eating up their fragile minds.

We will have to do these things for the sake of our people in general. Our children, who are our future generations, in particular. The sooner, the better.

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