Stop Land Mafia From Vandalising Khushalsar: Soz

Khushal Sar has undergone massive encrochment in recent years (Credit Athar Parvaiz) 

SRINAGAR – With Khushalsar lake in the old city on the verge of extinction, former union minister Prof Saifudin Soz Monday urged people to resist wanton vandalisation of the once pristine water body of Srinagar.

“I appeal to people residing around Khushalsar in Srinagar, Kashmir, to cooperate with NGOs and others and extend a helping hand to remove encroachments around Khushalsar and other places which are under threat.

In fact, the people living around Khushalsar could raise a movement themselves to prevent any further encroachments around water bodies, he said in a press statement.

“I have already assured the people of Khushalsar that I would whole heartedly join their movement”, he said.

“It is a matter of great regret that the present generation has lost even the urge to know how and why we need to give urgent attention to the preservation of environment and ecology. In fact, the present generation is living dangerously”.

“Let us resolve to galvanize the movement for mass awareness on how much we have already lost through the encroachments on wetlands, water bodies, forests and other assets of our once rich biodiversity.”

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