211 Of 519 Schools In Sgr Function From Rented Accommodation  


SRINAGAR —Almost half of government run schools this summer capital city of the state are schools are functioning from rented accommodation, putting a question mark over the tall claims of the government regarding streamlining of the education sector. 

These schools are functional from the shabby rented rooms and have no basic facilities requisite for the schools as per the set norms of the department, a local news agency reported.

As per the official figures, there are 519 government schools in Srinagar district out of which only 211 schools have permanent accommodation while as the majority of the schools are without buildings. 

“The students enrolled in rented buildings are crammed in one or two rooms due to which classrooms remain witness lot of chaos and noise which disturbs overall academics in these institutions,” an official told the new agency. 

Around 310 schools in the district are run from congested rented rooms without basic facilities. There are around eight education zones in Srinagar district and the condition of the government schools in all the zones is grim in terms of infrastructure as well as student enrolment. 

“When department no infrastructure in school obviously students don’t get attracted to these institutions and prefer private schools over these shabby rooms,” said an official in planning section of the department.In Zaldagar zone of Srinagar, there are around 31 government schools out of which only four have government owned permanent campus for the students while as rest of the institutions are operational from rented rooms. 

It is pertinent to mention that the government has no policy to upgrade the infrastructural facilities in government schools which are functioning from rented rooms. “These rooms are hired on rent which can’t be taken completely under control of department. We can’t install any facility in the rented building which can be handed over back to the owner anytime,” the official said. 

These schools are without basic facilities at a time when the government is making tall claims of filling the infrastructural gaps in the schools. Director School Education Kashmir (DSEK) Muhammad Younis Malik when contacted said the issue is already under consideration of the government. 

“We are aware of the issue and are deliberating on how to overcome the problem and provide proper infrastructure and other facilities to the students in these schools,” he said.


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