‘Extremely Rare Snake’ Rescued From Kangan  

SRINAGAR — A four-foot-long, extremely rare and mildly venomous ‘Eastern Cliff Racer’ snake was rescued by Wildlife SOS from a house in Kangan village in the Ganderbal district of Jammu & Kashmir. The snake was kept under observation for few hours and later released in its natural habitat.

“Earlier this week, the Wildlife SOS team operating out of Jammu & Kashmir, received a distress call about an unusual snake that was found inside a house in the Kangan village, Ganderbal district. Shocked and terrified at the sight of the reptilian visitor in their midst, the family urged Wildlife SOS to quickly intervene,” according to a statement.

“It wasn’t long before a team from the NGO led by Ms. Aaliya Mir arrived to carry out the rescue operation. A closer look confirmed that the snake was an Eastern Cliff Racer, a mildly-venomous snake species. The team worked meticulously and carefully to ensure that the snake experienced minimum stress during the process. Following the successful operation, the family was given a snake awareness talk to sensitize them towards these largely misunderstood reptiles,” the statement said.

The snake was kept under observation for a few hours and later released back into its natural habitat on being affirmed fit. 

The Eastern Cliff Racer (Platyceps ladacensis), is a mildly-venomous snake species that is found in the rocky terrain between 350m to 3000m. This species primarily feeds on lizards, small mammals, small birds and their eggs. Their bite may cause pain and swelling at the bite region.

Aaliya Mir, Project Manager and Education Officer – Wildlife SOS, said “The Eastern Cliff Racer is a mildly-venomous snake, whose distribution in India is confined to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Owing to its uncommon sighting and widespread unfamiliarity, this species is often met with hostility upon human encounter. Wildlife SOS works closely with local communities in the state of Jammu and Kashmir to spread awareness at various levels and extend aid to wildlife in distress.”


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